Battery stats file copy?

Hi guys,

I was just wondering wirh all the people with android battery issues and flashing new roms is it possible to simply copy over a properly configured battstats.bin file?

Lets say you flash a new rom and you just copy over your old battstats.bin instead of having to delete it and proceed and calibrate it again? It would make sense to me.


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Hmm...I thought I replied to this thread. Guess the internet hiccup'd.

Seems feasable, but without a test or two, there's no way of being sure. It certainly can't hurt, because if it does anything wonky, you can just clear out the stats again.


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no, do not copy that file over. Some phones need to be recalibrated after flashing a new rom (and some do not need this) but do not copy that file over from rom to rom. I dont know the technical reason for this but I was told from many XDA developers, to avoid doing this and simply recalibrate if you need to.

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I have my "main rom" CM7 that I did a battery calibration of when I flashed it.

I make a nandroid of that rom sometimes to try out something else for a few hours or a day and then flash my nandroid of cm7 back.

I don't mess with battery stats on cm7 cause I figure I did it once, they're backed up and restored with the nandroid. (right?)

And I don't mess with batt stats on other roms cause I'm only going to be using them for a few hours or a day.

Is this a correct way of going about things?