Oct 30, 2022
I bought a new battery for my Poco X3 Pro yesterday (After market battery) because my old one was very bloated. When I charged this battery it indicated that it was at 58%. When I woke up (5-6 hours later) it was at 64%. I tried draining the battery thinking it was just a glitch and using it and now it is at 1% and won't charge.
I had the same problem after I drowned my phone in the pool, I had to replace the battery because it was swollen and was no longer working
Maybe, if it is a genuine battery, it needs to calibrate over a few days.

However, if your original battery expanded it may have affected the connectors.

More importantly, a bulging battery is dangerous so best keep an eye on the new one, or not risk a fire at all.

Did some place install it for you?
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If the battery you bought is cheaper then it can cause this issue.

Or it may be possible that your Poco X3 Pro phone is damaged or have some issues due to which you are facing this problem.
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