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Support Battery stuck at 50%

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thabends, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. thabends

    thabends Member
    Thread Starter

    My battery has been at 50% for 2 hours now. Anyone else getting this? I've been using it while charging it for awhile now.


  2. doublee22

    doublee22 Lurker

    same here. even after a factory reset (for separate reasons) it still shows 50 all the time
  3. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    trouble shooting section --------->
  4. Roofle

    Roofle Lurker

    I'm seeing this too.
  5. nowise

    nowise Newbie

    I have been at 30% for like 2 hours now.
  6. dimammx

    dimammx Newbie

    Any news on the charging issue? Did somebody successfully charged their atrix to 100%?
  7. iPhoneMilk

    iPhoneMilk Well-Known Member

    Wow.... good times.... =/
  8. thabends

    thabends Member
    Thread Starter

    Mine finally ran down until it powered itself off. Apparently it only goes in increments of 10 until it hits 15, then 10, then 5...off. I'm charging it now. I just assumed it would give you a more accurate percentage.
  9. dimammx

    dimammx Newbie

    Maybe "increments of 10 " is a problem, guys who are having problems couldn't tell if it really was 50, or 53 or even 59. (the phone displayed 50)
  10. kstruck

    kstruck Well-Known Member

    Stuck at 50 for me as well.
  11. gzrecoil

    gzrecoil Member

    I charged successfully to 100%, however I am also seeing only 10% increments. I am almost back to 0 :D

    Sorry to hear you guys are having problems.
  12. champ10

    champ10 Newbie

  13. evilbastard

    evilbastard Well-Known Member

    I got mine to 100%, took a few hours.
  14. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Android Enthusiast

    This would be a good thing if it happened while unplugged.
  15. tical2k

    tical2k Member

    It took a while for me to get to 100% but I had to set it down and use the wall charger ;-)
  16. 2003vstrom

    2003vstrom Android Enthusiast

    charging fine, at 100%:D
  17. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    Android handsets typically discharge at 10% increments unless you have a modded ROM where it has been changed. then when you get lower it changes.
  18. dimammx

    dimammx Newbie

    So far there 5 people stated that they had problem charging
    and 4 people confirming that they had successfully charged to 100%
  19. kstruck

    kstruck Well-Known Member

    Mine is now charing higher than 50%. It is currrently on 80%, guess I spoke too soon.
  20. RussellMania

    RussellMania Newbie

    Designgears on XDA supposedly has "fixed" his. I believe we are still waiting on a response on how this is done.
  21. dimammx

    dimammx Newbie

    RussellMania Did you refer to how to make it show battery in 1% increments or Not charging past some point ?
  22. nowise

    nowise Newbie

    Got mine to charge to 100% using the wall outlet. USB is either very slow or not charging at all for me.
  23. arunsharma7

    arunsharma7 Well-Known Member

    same here with USB it is not incrementing but wall charger is getting the job done.. why any idea ?? or it is just slow being a 19xx battery?
  24. redrider67

    redrider67 Android Enthusiast

    I've charged mine twice to 100% using wall charger.
  25. citizenpaul

    citizenpaul Lurker

    I've also charged mine twice to 100% both times w/ wall charger. USB is REALLY slow. It's been plugged into my laptop usb port for about an hour and only moved from 10% to 20%. I should add that I've been adding a ton of music to the Atrix during that last hour so maybe that has something to do with the slow charge rate...just a thought and yet another thing to test tomorrow.

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