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Battery Tweaks For HTC EVO 4G

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Slick1020, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. sprtjnkie

    sprtjnkie Newbie

    I don't think so. I you are using it, use the above tip. But, I have never used qik. When I opened it, I can't use the menu button without being logged in. Since I don't use it, I, obviously, did not log in.

    Could be wrong however. Just FYI


  2. MerpsMom

    MerpsMom Member

    Add my thanx as well for the saver tips.

    I seem to do fairly well until I use Navigation. That feature just drops the danged thing like a stone. If I'm looking for something through Yelp, Around Me, Where, it's not good. But asking for the listed/mapped route for City A to City B scares the wits out of the battery. Actually using the navi sends it to apoplexy.

    I'll never again leave the house without my car charger. Am I missing something? or does everyone have this problem?

  3. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    Might I add that you guys did a FANTASTIC job of organizing all the info and also do a great job of tracking/merging as many of the duplicate new threads into older discussions on the same subject matter.

    Very much appreciated!
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  4. Slick1020

    Thread Starter

    Yes, the GPS will utilize quite a bit of battery but I would suggest having your phone plugged into your car charger if you are going to drive around and utilize the navigation features on the phone. I think doing that is pretty standard for most people. Also, on very very cloudy days/bad weather days you could experience GPS problems. Just how GPS operates.
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  5. hansamurai

    hansamurai Lurker

    How do you guys see exact battery percentages without using another app? Right now I have battery indicator installed but I'd like to just use something native if possible.
  6. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Android Expert

    Go to your Widgets list and at the top tap on "Get more HTC Widgets" and there should be an HTC battery widget you can install.
  7. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    If you ROOT the phone, you can also use a custom ROM and some of them have battery percentage as part of the ROM.
  8. leehrat

    leehrat Lurker

    Strange. I have Qik and don't see the "Sync Video Chat" option in settings at all! Where is it? I only have sharing, privacy, location, recording quality, and about.
  9. since installing the new GB 2.3.3 and taking some tips for users here on Juice Defender my battery life has been way longer than before. Last time I charged my phone was when I pulled it off the charger yesterday morning just about 24 hours ago, I didnt use it all that much but its at around 70% capacity right now. I do have to say that is a huge difference, it would have needed charging by now before....

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  10. in your user settings, About Phone-Battery Status? Or did you need something more in depth?
  11. rdorty

    rdorty Lurker

    thanks much. I may buy aN EVO 4G today, but am concerned about battery life when away from charger all day.
  12. rdorty

    rdorty Lurker

    what is a 2.3.3
  13. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    It's the new version of android nicknamed gingerbread. If you're thinking of getting an evo 4g now, gingerbread has dramatically improved the battery life.
  14. BWinc

    BWinc Newbie

    My battery life seems to have gotten worse with gingerbread. I could get over 8 hours of battery life with froyo without all these tweeks. I'll apply some to try and extend the life. We'll see.
  15. elwin15208

    elwin15208 Member

    Big thanks to the OP: my battery was conking out after less than four hours. I tried just a few of the suggested tweaks, and yesterday my battery lasted more than 17 1/2 hours. Woo-hoo! :D
  16. 06dc5

    06dc5 Lurker

    My battery life sucks too. I just have a second charger at work. Problem solved.
  17. JLito1287

    JLito1287 Lurker

    GREAT POST!! Just switched to an Android, this is my first time messing with it that was my biggest complaint, the battery life. Can't wait to start making more tweaks.

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