Help Battery upgrade app - danger!


Have downloaded Battery_Upgrade app which appeared on my Galaxy Ace - got suspicious after I had downloaded and Googled it and found it is a known problem which messes up your phone.
Although I downloaded it I did not instal it so it is sitting there on the pull-down page waiting to be installed. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the download before it gets installed? I do not want to click on in case that instals it. TIA.
Unfortunately, it's not just Android users who are affected by the creators of these apps. Our company "" are often confused with the developers of this malware.

We don’t make apps to improve battery consumption: we just sell batteries for mobile devices. We have done so since 2004. The "Battery Upgrade” malware is in circulation since 2011 and provides a negative use of our name.

Through these means we would like to emphasize that we have nothing to do with this malware and we really regret any confusion.
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