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Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Aug 7, 2013.

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    how to save battery energy


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    Welcome to Android Forums.

    I don't use any supposed battery saving app. There not what their cracked up to be.
    I turn everything off, everything. I only turn it on when I need it (there are widget apps in the PlayStore that allow you to put toggles for system functions like WiFi, Data, Bluetooth, GPS, Etc. onto any page on your phone you desire).

    I also downloaded Periodic Auto Sync from the PlayStore. I set it for every 4 hours and for 5 minutes. This keeps everything synced well enough for me.

    Another thing I did was to look at all my running apps. Then I went into menu/settings/about phone/battery usage. If any app was using more than 10% of the battery I deleted it and tried to find a replacement that didn't use so much battery.

    Note: Not all running apps are a bad thing. Some have to be on call/waiting in the wings. I use Fast Reboot from the PlayStore. It safely closes all running apps, then opens only those that really need to be running. This also frees up more RAM which means everything runs smoother and opens faster.

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