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Jan 9, 2022
Recommended calculator app Big Button Calculator (BB Calc)

Calculator app's are known to all smartphone users! Today, among many apps, we would like to recommend one of the best daily calculators. This is the Big Button Calculator (BB Calc).

Many people must have repeatedly installed and deleted numerous apps to find the calculator app for a long time use after installing it after purchasing a smartphone. There are a lot of calculator apps that have a lot of calculation functions and are excellent. However, it seems difficult to find a calculator that is simple and has essential functions.
In particular, for smartphones, which are relatively small compared to tablets or laptops, it can be said that a calculator app with large buttons and functions that is not inconvenient for daily calculations is more desirable than a complex calculator with many functions.

BB Calc is not a calculator for professionals such as engineering, science and technology, or finance, but a general-purpose daily calculator app for convenient and useful use in everyday life, and its neat design is one of its strengths. Features of BB Calc include:

1. We made the button size as large as possible by boldly removing unnecessary buttons.
Many apps add many functions to diversify calculator performance, but in many cases, these functions are not used in real life or are used very infrequently.
BB Calc statistically analyzed frequently used functions in real life, abandons the desire to expand functions and leaves only essential functions, thereby maximizing the button size. In particular, it was possible to reduce the number of buttons by overlapping the functions of "(", ")" and "^" (power) on other buttons.

2. Backspace and click editing are available.
Surprisingly, you can see that there are many calculator apps that do not have a backspace function or a click edit function in the input window. BB Calc is equipped with these functions to facilitate correction of input errors.

3. (-) sign can be input.
When performing calculations, there may be cases where a (-) sign input value is required. For this purpose, BB Calc can enter negative (-) signs (eg -2) and calculate negative (-) values (eg 5 / -3).

4. Calculation history can be saved and recalled.
Up to 10 previous calculation inputs can be viewed and recalled.

5. Single/multiple lines can be selected.

Download site: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.b.sange.a


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