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BBC (Flash) video on HTC Hero (running 1.5) ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JohnW, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. JohnW

    JohnW Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    I'm thinking of getting a Hero on 3 Mobile in the UK.

    For those using it on this or other networks and running Android 1.5, can you tell me if BBC's embedded news and sport videos play OK ? :thinking:

    Having read a bit about this, I'm assuming that 'Flash Lite 4' is required to do this.

    What's your experience of this (UK users only please) ?

    Thanks in advance :)


  2. mpw

    mpw Android Expert

    What's the price difference between the Hero and newer phones like the Legend/N1 etc.?

    Unless it's a sizable difference I'd avoid the Hero, for something newer.
  3. nellisere

    nellisere Well-Known Member

    yes, i have a htc hero on 3 with 1.5 and all videos play fine, also, i havve the beebplayer app to allow me to watch iplayer, you will have to google the app, but the sports videos should play fine in the android browser
  4. JohnW

    JohnW Newbie
    Thread Starter

    @nellisere - Thanks for the reply. Good to get a definitive answer.

    What's been your general experience using the Hero on 3 ? A good one ? Are you particularly bothered/desperate about the 2.1 update ? Is there anything really significant that you feel you're missing out on?

  5. JohnW

    JohnW Newbie
    Thread Starter

    @ mpw - I'm trying to get the best free phone for
  6. Bunjiweb

    Bunjiweb Android Enthusiast

    the Hero is still a fantastic handset and be had on some much more competitive tarrifs, There are better phones out there, for a bigger price, but the Hero does most things well. The only thing you may find is that until the Android 2.1 update arrives (when....if...) then you may get a little left behind on the Android feature-set and compatibility of apps.

    The BBC iPlayer app (beebplayer) recently lost functionality to stream live stuff but still copes with most on demand stuff well, but don't expect Iplayer to work through the browser, only the BBC website stuff that is compatible with Flash Lite will work,

  7. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    I don't think we'll be waiting long for 2.1; the update was released in Taiwan last night so the european one can't be far behind.

    (And custom rom users are already enjoying it now :) )

    Sent from my HTC Hero using Tapatalk
  8. nellisere

    nellisere Well-Known Member

    @JohnW i am not really bothered about the 2.1 update, it would be nice to have it, but am not bothered about its release, yes the HTC Hero is an excelent phone to have, i get good coverage in my area, call clarity is very good and a very easy and simple phone to use
  9. sebluvscheek

    sebluvscheek Lurker

    Under no circumstances get any phone, never mind a hero on 3. Terrible network reception, and a nightmare to exit your contract, even when it has expired. I have had several phones on 3 - myself, partner, kids etc, and could not wait to leave. Additionally, while my hero on orange uk works perfectly, a friend just got one on 3 and gets messages from them every day charging him for going over the fair use limit of 500meg data, even though he does not as yet use any data connections.

    Just my opinion, but maybe you could check with others who are on 3 ?
  10. oldrover1938

    oldrover1938 Newbie

    Go to your T mobile shop
  11. rizzla

    rizzla Well-Known Member

    I got my hero on t-mobile when it first came out on the

  12. I'm on 3 (since they started operations in the UK) and very happy.

    Have an HTC Hero on contract and just got a new contract for the HTC Desire.

    More than happy.

    great net speeds - always on HSDPA and no calls drops or any others probs.
  13. rachelisadog

    rachelisadog Newbie

    Download skyfire browser from the Market.
    That works fine, and shows embedded bbc streams, like say the football video interviews etc.
    Beebplayer has been pulled and no longer exists in the Market, the developer pulled it.

    PS, i'm on 3, had handset since Jan, and yes, like all modern phone i've had issues but it's worth the pain, mind, a pay a tenner a month for 12m contract, 500m, 100t and an extra fiver for their net add-on
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  14. vaira.m

    vaira.m Newbie

    I have bot htc hero on 3 last week... i got 24 month contract 15 pound with 500min/text unlimited internet skype. It seems good so far i dint have much problem.
    But i couldn't see any video on bbc.. Even skyfire doesn't seem to play any video from bbc i player and thr is no flash 10.1 available for htc hero which is being used by most of the sites now a days.. and beebplayer is no more available. get more info's about flash and video players for htc hero before buyin it. apart from that its cool.. u can even do video calls with fring :)
  15. vaira.m

    vaira.m Newbie

    can u gimme a link of bbc video which i can play using skyfire??
  16. rachelisadog

    rachelisadog Newbie

    Sorry if i misled you, but you can't (and to be fair i didn't mention iplayer ;)) use iplayer, or at least i've not tried via skyfire......just tried and as you suspected, it says i need to install flash player.

    Open it up on your hero
    Go to bbc homepage
    Go to football (BBC SPORT | Football)
    On there, will be some interviews, example one there now with Michael Dawson
    The video clip will open, full screen and plays fine........
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  17. mpw

    mpw Android Expert

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  18. rachelisadog

    rachelisadog Newbie

  19. JohnW

    JohnW Newbie
    Thread Starter

    @vaira - that deal you got on the Hero from 3... was that an upgrade from a previous contract or a new contract taken out with them?

    Best (cheapest) i could see on their website was
  20. vaira.m

    vaira.m Newbie

  21. vaira.m

    vaira.m Newbie

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  22. JohnW

    JohnW Newbie
    Thread Starter

    @vaira Damn it:(! Nice work fella:). I don't know these type of tricks, which is why i'm expecting to find my new Samsung Galaxy Portal when I get home. From what you say, it might be worth trying to get a similar deal in-store and sending the Galaxy back... That's a great deal for the Hero. I need a bit more than 100min/txts which is why i went for the Galaxy in the end. Ah well - a lesson learned I guess. :rolleyes:
  23. vaira.m

    vaira.m Newbie

    haha i had my worth walking on the rain to store :)
  24. JohnW

    JohnW Newbie
    Thread Starter

    @ vaira - OK, I've rung a few 3 stores in my area and NONE can give me the same
  25. rachelisadog

    rachelisadog Newbie

    I've found there is a new version of the iplayer derivitive, called myPlayer on the android market
    Seems to be a bit hit and miss, but have found the live radio to work fine.
    Quite pixelated due to low bit-rate streams but at least there is summat out there

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