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May 31, 2011
I've managed to get BBC iplayer working on CM 7.2 ;)

This is the very latest maintenance release by Alquez, by the way.

Make sure you have checked 'Unknown Sources' in Settings > Applications

First of all you need to download the version of Adobe Flash 11 from Adobe Flash 11 for Wildfire S (works) - xda-developers

and reboot the phone

Then download the Android iPlayer app from my Dropbox folder (you won't be able to download it from the market because the market will say it is incompatible with the WFS) and install.

I tried iPlayer through both the stock Android browser and Boat Browser - the programmes would open, play for about 5 seconds and then the browser would crash. The app works OK, though you may get a message when you first open it telling you that there is an update available - choose update later.

I tried viewing a video on dailymotion, however, and that played fine.