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BBC News reports Complaints greet Google Nexus One phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BoroC4, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Sold by Google , made by HTC , Service by Tmo.

    I was on this forum saying the instant this was announced how this will be a customer service nightmare.90% of customers are morons. The likely hood of all 3 parties pointing the finger at the other to avoid them is to be expected.

    There should be a steady and QUICK email service by Google.
    They should have a phone line only accessible to customers with escalated issues. But again if youre waiting more than an hour for a response then theres a problem. Hire more people Google.

    Tmo has android specialists they should be answering service /plan questions ONLY to subsidized users. Unlocked users should be dealing with Google directly.

    HTC should only be dealing with faulty hardware. Nothing more.

    Google is directly responsible for any and all the logistics involved. They are the only party to blame for any breakdown in communications.
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    This is one of the smartest posts I have read after reading tons of them here over the past 3 hours. 3 hours ago I was feeling like a schmuck for having just a month ago paid $500 for my HTC hero (GSM/Europe) since I knew in advance it would not work on Tmo's USA 3G network.. but I loved the phone and its features that I thought "I'm going to get this phone"... ANd I have been really really happy with it, diving into Android very easily, and with the polish of HTC SenseUI, and the 7 home screens (vs 5 on Nexus One -- it makes a huge difference when you start installing widgets that take up a half-page or even whole page).

    3 hours ago I was debating whether to sell my Hero and get the Nexus One. The reports were mixed but more or less glowing in many departments. But as usual, that was all about the PHONE and its performance and specs.

    Add the issues I have now been reading all about, with T-Mo's hands tied, Google's fairly arrogant "email only" support for an expensive phone, and I'm really not feeling the urge anymore to trade up, despite the superfine screen of the nexus one, turn by turn nav app, soft-keys vs hard keys of Hero, and of course the snapdragon processor. This may sound totally ridiculous, but when I am on the go, I am using web a lot, but mostly for Gmail. google searches, reading news, doing product searches... none of which are that data intensive -- and i really don't find even the Edge speeds to be bad.. Then factor in most of my time i'm connected to wifi at home, ofc, cafes, so 3g is irrelevant in the vast majority of scenarios for me. it's true. Driving? It's just plain dumb to try to use the web while driving... I use google maps and it is totally fine, and more than fast enough on edge, really, it is under a second for every new search result screen redraw.

    So, yes, i don't get a MUCH higher quality screen -- but i gotta say that for me, having spent past 5 years on WinMo devices that were 240x320 QVGA, the VGA screen of the Hero, to me, is already twice as good, and clear.

    All I've been reading about, thread after thread, are problems galore.

    Given all i'm reading -- and not just crybaby whining, but legitimate gripes -- i don't see a need to jump aboard now. Maybe in 3 months when some of these early "that's not my department" issues get ironed out.

    Great post you wrote. And you anticipated the potential for clusterf*k of 3 companies and split responsibilities quite well.


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