BBM Picture Deletion off phone

I have BlackBerry Messenger app.
I sent a picture. I know I can't delete off the recipients phone.
I want to delete it, and it's thumbnail, off my phone.
Using x-file and FS-manager (file managers)
I can not seem to track it down to delete.
I used some search file app and found what I thought was it and deleted.
But, alas the picture still shows up in BBM.

Does anyone know where in the file system I can delete the file and the thumb nail?



If it's a thumbnail, it's likely contained within the BBM's own database files that it keeps on your phone. In which case search, file managers, gallery etc, won't show it. Only way to delete that would be to clear data from Settings > Apps > BBM, which would delete the whole BBM database and reset the app to defaults, and then you'd have to re-enter your BBM login credentials.