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Be Careful!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cdodge, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. cdodge

    cdodge Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    my phone locked up yesterday and i had to pull the batter to get it to come back on

    When putting the battery cover back on i used my thumb to try to slide it into position from the bottom of the battery cover.

    I pushed a little too hard and put my thumb threw the speaker grill and now i have a tear in it :( i thought this was metal like the rest of the phone but i guess it is just paper.

    Bummer :mad::(

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  2. craighwk

    craighwk Android Enthusiast

    Yah that speaker grill is about as tough as soggy toilet paper. :(
  3. cdodge

    cdodge Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    that is sad when you compare it with materials used for the rest of the phone :(
  4. Plymouthbiker

    Plymouthbiker Newbie

    What phone do you have?

    If I'm right it's only fabric and is there to keep the dust out. Medical tape (stuff used to bind bandages or hold wounds together) cut to the right size might help as it's normally quite thin and strong (although it is white).

    Do it at your own risk though, I accept no responsibility for damage done and there might be a drop in volume due to it being a little thicker and it's quite sticky so will pull off the original if pulled off.

    I have the G2 (hero) and the speaker is made up of a very fine black fabric. I'm guessing that's what you mean???

    If you do, I advise you to buy some and check it over before you apply it(its very cheap) so your sure you want to use it. Otherwise a steady hand, tissue paper and a dab of watered down pva glue using a set of tweezers and a paintbrush.
  5. fortworthbret

    fortworthbret Member


    This is an opportunity for someone to make some and make some money.

    I'd like to have one in android green, BTW.
  6. cdodge

    cdodge Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    lol, you and i think alike.

    it is just a piece of paper that is glued on.. it cant be that hard to manufacture something that is of better quality and different colors. I would be willing to buy one just to get rid of the gold. i would like a black one to match the phone
  7. cdodge

    cdodge Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i have the droid

    i know the htc' use fabric but i think the droids use paper or some type of thin plastic. depressing when the rest of the phone is metal and glass.
  8. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    Thanks for posting this warning - I had assumed it was some sort of metal as well.
  9. cdodge

    cdodge Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter


    it is extremely easy to do. the gap underneath the speaker grill is about the size of a thumb tip which allows your thumb to easily puncture a whole in it or tear it. It is centered but maybe just off to the right hand side just a little bit so if you push on the botton of the cover to slide it up be careful. It seems like there should be some more support underneath the paper.
  10. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast

    thanks for the heads up.

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