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Be honest - it's shite !

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Daniel40, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Daniel40

    Daniel40 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The fact that I seem to spend ALL my time looking at this forum to solve problems with my X10, surely confirms what we are all thinking, it is shite !! - Everyday there seems to be a new problem, now its the gmail / googlemail, my apps are still taking an age to download despite changing from googlemail to gmail. My wife has an iphone, not a drop of trouble ! - Think I am going to throw this in the bin (literally) and hot foot it down to the iphone store.

  2. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    *Gets umbrella and waits for impending storm of anti-apple/ pro-android users*
  3. Merolas

    Merolas Android Enthusiast

    lol @ Carmendiva (can i have some space under it also?)

    For real, the phone is not perfect, but hey you don't have to go to apples to get something good, load of other droid phones in the market so you might give it a another go. Anyway that phone is a 1st gen so it's normal to have that much trouble -- apple is on the 4th gen, have you ever heard something good before the 3G model? Same will happen with the X10...
  4. Daniel40

    Daniel40 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    When you buy a new TV or any other electronic gadget, you expect it to work ! - You dont buy a new plasma TV and get it home, find it is shit, and think, well, it is a new one out, bound to be crap, but give a while and they may perfect the next one out - its just ridiculous. Why do you apply this to a phone. This is a
  5. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    Sure you can squeeze under :)

    I personally agree with you both.
    Let me try to explain it in a different way, Daniel

    Merolas isn't saying that when you buy something even a 1st gen product/device that it shouldn't work the way it is supposed to.

    But at the same time, a 1st gen device is going to have problems maybe with Hardware, maybe with software....

    But hopefully when they make the Xperia 10 successor, the mistakes they made in the original won't be there or they will at least be improved

    Take the Storm...

    Blackberry Storm was an absolute atrocity...How i didn't slit my wrist from using one for three months is amazing to me(Keep in mind i had one when the only worthwhile android devices were a G1 & Mytouch 3g)

    But the Blackberry Storm 2 was a better improvement to the original. Sure it still kinda sucked but it showed that they were working on bettering(is that a word...guess so, it didn't do the squiggly lines)the product
  6. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    well i just ran out and bought a lottery ticket, because my x10 is probally the most stable phone i have owned,, my iphone 3g was a dog from day one and still is,actually worse with 4.0 on it,,, my biggest complaint was battery life on the x10,, but since juice defender all is ok now,,,

    i still wonder why the iphone needs to be jailbroken if it is so perfect right out of the box

    the x10 may not be perfect,, but its definitely not shite,,
  7. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    yeah i heard that ios 4 or whatever is called is bad for the 3g(basically the phone is better without it) which is why i told my friend not to put it on her phone
  8. KingDong

    KingDong Android Enthusiast

  9. Daniel40

    Daniel40 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Why has a first gen phone "got" to have problems - I have got three laptops, they all work perfectly well, how do they manage to make those without any problems ? I dont give a monkeys toss about its successor, I dont have its successor, I have this one, and there is nothing I can do about it, due to being tied into a contract, the phone is over its "return" date - so lumbered with it. These companies have you by the balls.
  10. Daniel40

    Daniel40 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I disagree. Ok if you buy cheap crap, then you get what you pay for. I have recently bought a
  11. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    lol i think you are taking a WEE BIT to serious. I don't think anybody has me by my balls(i guess my metaphoric ones lol) because i dont even have an Xperia...i am a possible future owner

    it isn't that it has to have problems but its kind of expected

    And you do realize that just because you find no fault in those 3 laptops you have that is only through your eyes...

    Owners of those 3 laptops might find faults that you don't deem important

    It's a a subjective topic....

    Hopefully, you will enjoy your iphone if you get one or even another android phone
  12. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    guess he never had a laptop with vista on it,,,

    i love canon cameras,, my bud loves nikon.. he shoots down cand finds fault with my canon as i do with his his nikon,,

    and btw alot of these products do have F/W updates to correct issues,,

    my panasonic plasma,, i have updated twwice with a third one on the way so the rumour mill says
  13. Merolas

    Merolas Android Enthusiast

    Well, i haven't yet found a good review about the new 3D TVs out for like 6000$... new techs = new troubles. I'm somewhat a techie and i always hear people complaining about either all the microsoft products (Vista, XP, 7). And i also had a few trouble here and there.

    Sure, the Xperia is not trouble free... but IMHO it's still the best phone out there, it could have been a apple eater, it just need some work.
  14. uchi

    uchi Well-Known Member

    i regret buying this piece of shit weekly. i bought it based on reviews i read in a magazine and jumped the gun so to speak. its slow, terribly slow. the processor is supposed to be almost twice as fast an an i phone, yeah ok, my brothers 3 year old i phone works 100 times faster. his slide unlock works flawlessly every time, you flip his phone sideways and it changes the screen right away, doesnt get hung up like this piece of shit does and doesnt get hung up trying to go back. you open up his media player, guess what, it opens right away, this thing, sometimes open, sometimes get stuck with the background but no content. its slow, did i mention how slow it is to do everything? the battery life is complete shit and i have to worry about leaving things open in the background because god forbid i dont close them and they eat the ****en battery. the only upside to this phone is that ive had to yank the battery once since buying it a couple months ago and thats because the screen wouldnt turn on. where as my bb bold 9700 a battery pull and a crash were daily occurrences. i wanted the phone for its large screen, it has a large screen, but its shit, it occasionally lags a video i try to play, the pre loaded ringers are complete shit, the fact i need to download an app for every thing i want to do is shit, its pre loaded with crap. and now some of my pre loaded apps arent working, main one being the trackid app. i try to load it, it says, sorry, track id has stopped unexpectedly, please try again. i have, 100 ****en times, says the same shit every time. you know what the phone is doing right now, sitting on my charger, its noon and the battery is 35% dead already and ive sent 6 text messages. i have an app killer, i have juice defender, its better than it was originally, but its far from great. i cant wait to see what a piece of shit this battery will be in a year.

    this phone has potential, but it was released pre maturly. the video i saw of this phone was a demo phone and it was laggy and se claimed the released version would be faster. like ****, its still a laggy piece of shit. i wouldnt throw this phone at my dog when he pisses me off thats how much i hate it. oh and lets not forget that you sometimes have to click the middle button 50 times for it to get out of an app or out of the browser. its got the latest firmware on it, if i had the money for an i phone id buy that, or a better android phone. even my buddy who has the same phone thinks its a piece of shit.
  15. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    wow... im sure glad i got a good one,, at first i thought you were talkn about my iphone 3g,,, as that is how it operates.. my x10 is instant,, and actually did a side by side of web pages against the iphone4 at work,, and everyone declared the SE the winner on that one
  16. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast

    Yep...your not wrong there!

    not gonna go into a long reply here with all the things thats wrong with the phone as everyone knows what they are

    But your right - its shite and if i could change it i would (i think my old C905 was better)!!

    I am hoping that the 2.1 will completely change the way it is...but i doubt it
  17. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    ok,, lets try this,,

    im on rogers ,, build is R2BA020

    no freezes,,, fast, only thing i have changed is keyboard,, didnt like standard
  18. Gurba

    Gurba Android Enthusiast

    Can't say I recognise the problems you're having with your X10. The only problems I've had are my own fault caused by removing wrong apps after rooting. :)
  19. uchi

    uchi Well-Known Member

    oh and lets not forget how fuken muted this phone is. i cant use it outside because i can barely hear the person im talking to and half the time i cant hear the ringer. sony put out a real winner with this phone. if 2.1 doesnt change atleast half of the issues ill sell this hooker on ebay and buy an i phone or a better android phone
  20. uchi

    uchi Well-Known Member

    oh and this piece of dog shit doesnt have a flash. what manufacturer gives you an 8 mp camera but no ****en flash. my gf's 30 dollar piece of shit flip phone has a flash and a camera capable of doing nothing. i have nothing but hate for this im sorry im just at wits end with this piece of shit
  21. Merolas

    Merolas Android Enthusiast

    Same here, no changes, not even the keyboard....works perfectly...TrackID worked even better than the Shazam i dl...Works flawlessly

    Ok.... this is getting out of hand...i see the flames of hell coming...
  22. Bexy

    Bexy Android Enthusiast

    Wow, really? I had the 3GS and found, rotating of the screen to be very slow, sometimes I even had to shake the damn thing for it to rotate. As of yet *touch wood*, I havent had these problems with the X10.
    Sure it's not without fault, for example the Wifi bug. But, even that doesnt bother me too much now, it hardly happens and when it does, it reconnects a lot faster than it used to.
    Multi touch would be great but, ah well. I'm ok with Android 1.6 but, can't wait for 2.1 :p.

    Idk if i would say it was the best phone I've had, some old phones back in the day were fantastic. Not a mark on today's phones of course, so hard to judge but, definitely fantastic. And this is definitely not the worst phone I've had.

    Unfortunately the worst one I did have does however belong to SE. The Satio. At least SE are working on the X10 and I did have a few lag problems before but, since the latest update, I haven't been fine. Apart from the Wifi issue but, as i say, its not that much of an issue for me thankfully :). Not as much as it was on 014 anyway, which was terrible but, 016 fixed that. So I'm glad SE are working on it and improving it and hopefully SE will work the wifi bug out to make it the phone it deserves to be. Now get 2.1 out this week/within a week of the US launch and it'll be perfect and I believe some people will also respect the company some more if they did it within a short time of the US launch.
  23. Dbnguy

    Dbnguy Well-Known Member

    Shoo, guess phones available here in SA are of infinate better quality than over there...

    I hated my phone in the beginning, but now I think its the best one ive ever owned. I havent had ANY of the issues mentioned in any of these forums, that hasnt been rectified by a setting that Ive screwed up on :)

    Sound quality yea, isnt the best, but I can still walk and talk outside in windy conditions. Either that or your weather and subtropical weather are worlds apart :)

    My other half has an I-phone and Its BORING !!!!! But he absolutely loves it, so I guess it boils down to the age old addage: One mans garbage is another mans treasure :p
  24. Gurba

    Gurba Android Enthusiast

    I think it's weird that you can't hear the person you're talking to when outside. I was talking to my dad 10ft away from 18wheelers and other cars driving by and I heard just fine. One thing I've noticed however is that you have to be careful when holding the phone to your ear so that the speaker is placed right. I must hold the phone a bit lower than what I think is natural. Other than that it works fine. Maybe you should try to flush your ears. :D
  25. ECBomb

    ECBomb Member

    i can't believe so many people don't mind using iTunes just to get the stinkin' iPhone...my dad and i both find it a pain in the ass, and I don't even use it all that often for my iPod Touch. But the sheer amount of load times and restrictions (compared to the speedy drag and drop) are enough to deter me from the iPhone, unless Apple does something about it, which I doubt.

    The only thing I can say about the X10 is the lack of MT and it's not because of gaming, but because I'm a fast texter, and I type faster than the phone can register, which gets annoying because I do text and type a lot.

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