Beam from phone to TV?


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With impeccable timing our Sky box has stopped working and is not receiving a signal. Probably a problem with the aerial from last night's storm but can't get anyone out to fix it now until after Christmas. Have phoned Sky in case it's a box problem but they can't get anyone to us until Jan 2nd. Now looking at ways of watching and/or recording TV over Christmas. I have signed up for the 2 months free trial of Sky Go Extra.

We have connected our Windows computer to the TV and have managed to get it to show Sky programmes live but it's all a bit clunky. We can get iPlayer and Demand5 through the Sony TV. I am trying to find any other way of getting content to the TV. We have an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Note. Is there any way, for example, to have something playing on Sky Go on my iPad or phone and beam it directly to the TV? Also is there any way of downloading what's playing on the computer to save for later? For instance, there is a film I want to record on late tonight which isn't available On Demand so the only chance to catch it is when it's on but it's very late so I would like to record it.

I have had a play with Twonky Beam but can't get it to work and with MediaShare where I can play music and photos but can't see how to play what's on the screen.

Hope that all makes sense. Any help very gratefully received!