Feb 26, 2021

My Lockdown Game

For a long time I had an idea for an app game. During odd drunken moments of inspiration I truly believed I had the mental ability to work full time as a head chef, give my girlfriend at least some of the attention she deserves and also learn to program from scratch. But come the morning I'd go back to being a potato. So, the idea remained dormant, swirling around along with all the other lost ideas such as starting a nation wide chain of popcorn stores, writing a modern day resistance novel and making chorizo flavoured crisps. That was until the last lockdown! Suddenly I had an abundance of time on my hands and, being a chef, certain knowledge that I could make sour-dough bread if I wanted and no desire to do it at all.

So... seeing as my lovely girlfriend suddenly seemed less keen for my attention now that she could actually have all of it I decided it was time to get started. I started to learn basic programming, in aim of creating a game that was calling out to me to be made. Now it might not come as a surprise to most of you that learning to program is really quite difficult. But I found I liked it a lot. But it was taking soo long. Even with the current UK governments handling of Corona this terrible epidemic would of been a distant memory by the time I'd learnt enough to make an animated sausage roll. Then I came across the program Construct 3 and clicked quite nicely with it. I know it's cheating and I will continue to learn to program properly one day but Construct allowed me to build, more or less, what I'd imagined in just 4 agonisingly difficult months of very enjoyable problem solving and messing around on a computer each morning. The result...



I made a game dam it! An actual working game that's available all over the world and will be, most likely, long after I'm dead. There's a good chance that generations to come will be able to kill time on the hover bus getting a little green man to jump through levels into a black hole. And I already have an idea for the next project to keep me out of trouble, at least some of the time. Who needs a job anyway?
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