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BeatDrops Beat Maker App

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by RizbIT UK, Aug 30, 2018.

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    Guys come and make beats music and ringtones on your Android device using BeatDrops drag and drop music creation app. Loads of features hundreds of samples.
    You can share online and browse beats submitted by other users.
    See demo videos and more information

  2. RizbIT UK

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    BeatDrops is a free Android app which allows users to drag and drop samples to create beats, music and ringtones.

    Unique features let you share your actual project to the world. Other users can listen, remix, reshare and rate your work!

    • Browse projects by other users.
    • Hundreds of samples.
    • Loads of cool features, set volumes, pans and sample pitch.
    • Record your creations as mp3 or phone ringtones.
    • Cross platform support means you can sync your projects across multiple devices and work on your projects anywhere.

    Download here:

    Contact us if you have any PD samples or loops you want to include in our app
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BeatDrops Beat Maker - Music C

BeatDrops Beat Maker - Music C Forum


Welcome to Beatdrops! Make music and ringtones easily on your phone! Download or buy thousands of awesome samples and loops, including piano, sitar, bongos, flute and guitar. Choose from drums, bass, chords, Synths, misc and vocals. Make EDM, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Garage, Trance or Trap music. >>> Awesome Features Include <<< 1 - Cross Platform Support: Make your beats on one device, backup your profile to the server privately, then download / sync on another device and carry on working on the same project! 2 - Share Your Beats With The World: Once happy with your beat, enter project info, select a genre and upload it. 3 - Download beats created by other users then rate or remix them or just turn the music louder and listen! 4 - Feature Packed Edit Menu: Adjust volume, pan and pitch of any sample. Make your own grooves. 5 - Record your songs as mp3 or mobile ringtones. Sing your heart out while recording too.. 6 - Edit Tracks: Mute / Unmute audio tracks. Copy, Move and Erase whole Tracks. 7 - Loads of Samples: Unlimited samples packs with 12 different sounds each. find samples using keywords. Import your own ogg samples. Buy new samples from the Store section! 8 - ** New ** 8 Customizable BeatDrops Sound Pads. Drag any sample to load it into the sound pad. Access Pads by pressing Hide button. >>> Buy stuff from BeatDrops in app store <<< Unlock features like Edit Menu, Save and Sharing of BeatDrops projects. Buy upto 997 more pages. Buy more tracks. Remove all ads. Purchase new sample packs to create more amazing sounds. Be sure to check out several Combo Offers at discounted prices. Create your own hits and drop those beats. Share the app and your beats via multiple in app social widgets. If you are just looking for a Drum Machine then no problem, just download the Construction kit sample packs and make like a DJ! Be sure to also check out BeatDrops Pads Pro our latest free app. Important: Read our terms of service before sharing any beats or content.

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