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Beats by Dre Solo HD

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Traelyn, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Traelyn

    Traelyn Member
    Thread Starter

    I've been looking at the Beats by Dre headphones.. The cheapest over the ear headphones are the Solo's - the give more bass/Performance.

    The Solo HD's give High Definition.

    I'm still wandering if you are able to use the mic. on the headphones for calls?

    And, are these a good selection?

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  2. unwallflower

    unwallflower Well-Known Member

    If you want QUALITY headphones with the best sound, stay away from any of the Beats lineup.

    That's coming from someone who owns a pair of the Beats Studio - the expensive ones.

    Buy them if you're getting them for looks. Otherwise, there are WAY better choices out there that will give you FAR better sound quality. But if you like how they look, and you go into it knowing that you're really paying for LOOKS and not for superior sound (I went into it knowing that), then you'll probably be satisfied. Otherwise, no, they aren't a good selection.
  3. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    I tried the smaller and larger Beats at a Barnes & Noble. The mics both worked, but they weren't as clear as what I get on my in-ears from Sony or V-Moda. The bigger Beats were much cleaner than the smaller Beats, but at $350 someone must have been bluntin' when they slapped that sticker on.

    Over-ears are underserved for the smartphone category because they somewhat defy the small, portable nature of the phone category. I don't think I could walk around with the Beats on my nugget.
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  4. DrCaleb

    DrCaleb Newbie

    These come with two cables. One with the mic and volume control for speaking when you answer a call. The other cable is a standard 1/8 cord for listening to music.
    I own a pair and was going to return them. I had a friend ask me if my equalizer was turned on. I checked and it was turned on. I turned it off and the sound was much better than I have heard in similar headphones.
    Sennheiser makes very good studio quality headphones. It all depends on your taste and budget.

    Hope this helps.
  5. diverdan182

    diverdan182 Newbie

    good sound quality but terrible ****ing quality made wise. they dont fit for shit, snapped within a day, no refund. **** dre's new shitty music and bad quality chinese headphones
  6. There is nothing that is developed and sold by Monster Cable that is a "good selection". Their products are better than the cheap stuff, of course, but they are vastly overpriced. Look at Sennheiser, Ultimate Ears, and Shure for starters. You can get headphones that are as good as the Beats for cheaper or headphones that perform significantly better for the same price. That's up to you.
  7. Traelyn

    Traelyn Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the replies. I'm going to look into the Shure's.
  8. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    I have Ultimate Ears in-ears (original Superfi 5). My favorite pair by far. They're not phone/mic equipped so I don't use them with my Evo. Ironically, I don't like the current models of Superfi VIs for phones. If I had the scratch, I'd hold out for a pair of Triplefi 10vi, which I don't know if they make them or not.
  9. Waxon12

    Waxon12 Lurker

    I've used Shure's before in my sound engineering work and they work alright, but I did just get a new pair of Nox headphones for Christmas that I am really enjoying. Great sound and quality plus I heard they are coming out with a pair of headphones that have a touch screen interface.

    Let me know if this helps
  10. Soufjerzz

    Soufjerzz Member

    Does anyone know if you can use the Solo's mic and music controls or the Evo? If not, does anyone know any other headphones that you can?
  11. DrCaleb

    DrCaleb Newbie

    The answer to your question is yes you can use the microphone to answer calls. The sound controls for the volume do not work on the Evo 4G. :-(
  12. Soufjerzz

    Soufjerzz Member

  13. ck27

    ck27 Lurker

    Made by Monster? Stay away.

    They used their over priced cables to pay for him to use his name for their crappy ear phones.

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