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Beautiful Widgets Landscape for Smaller Home...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by therealciviczc, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. therealciviczc

    Thread Starter

    Is anyone else having a problem with Beautiful Widgets smaller home weather after the last update? I noticed on my wife's ally, when you'd go to landscape, the widget does not fill the screen end to end like it used to. It cuts off about 1/2" from each side of the screen. I have an ally also and mine goes end to end. I'm still using an older version of Beautiful Widgets though. I reverted hers back to an older version and it works like mine, going end to end, as it should. I see in the release notes on the newest release that they 'fixed' a landscape bug on smaller home weather, but it seems their fix made it not work correctly on the ally. I can't seem to find any way to contact them about this.

    To elaborate on my already long post, I'm using launcher pro plus, and when I highlight the widget to resize, the highlighted box DOES go end to end. The widget does not. WTF? Is it a skin issue maybe? Something is weird.

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  2. darkxsun

    darkxsun Guest

    Is it necessary to be this big? Maybe all the content fits in a smaller frame so they consider it a bug to be bigger.
  3. therealciviczc

    Thread Starter

    Well what happens is that its a bar, so when you're in a vertical screen, its a bar, across the top, with the time, weather, etc. When you switch to landscape, it was always also a bar, across the top, that displayed the same info. Now its a bar, but it cuts off in a weird way at each end. It looks terrible to be honest. I think they did it to correct a bug on droids maybe and its not working well on the ally. I'm reading more on this now. Its a shame if they ruined a great looking widget.

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