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Beautiful Widgets: More than a Sense Clone-This App is Indespensible

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by New_Guy777, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Jun 7, 2010

    Jun 7, 2010
    Beautiful Widget Video Review
    Pros: This "widget pack" includes very customizable graphical Clock/Weather widgets and a multitude of System Control widgets.

    Cons: The System Control widgets don't receive the same ability to customize that the Clock/Weather widgets enjoy.

    Bottom Line: This is more than just an HTC "Sense" theme clone. This Widget Pack offers excellent features and integration


    The Set-Up process loses one star owing to the lengthy Clock/Weather widget start screen. The options list can appear very daunting, particularly to the first-time user. The reason, of course, is because the developer wants to offer as many customization options as possible. This gives the user a near-total level of customization over their Clock/Weather widget that is well-worth the time it takes to complete a set-up process.


    The user has options that include appearance, integration, and functionality. Weather options top the list, and include Locale, Refresh Rates, Notifications, and Effects. Clock Font choices come next, followed by a very important set of drop-boxes. These boxes allow the widget to be used to open any program of the user's choosing. This is very important, because it means that the area this widget will take on the user's home screen will not be just "wasted" space. With the ability to open three applications, the Clock/Weather widget is also a grouping of short-cuts. Finally, appearance customizations round out an impressive options list.

    Another feature that users can appreciat is "skinning". Several custom widget skins are available for download through the options list. They are saved by default to the user's SD card, and add an additional layer of appearance control.


    The Interface is un-questionably Clean, Simple, and Intuitive. It is also quite beautiful, as well as an obvious HTC "Sense" clone. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then HTC has received a huge compliment from Beautiful Widgets. And, just as many users find the HTC's customizations to be very user-friendly, this app strives to be both appealing and easy-to-use. To activate a certain program or setting, the user merely selects the appropriate icon. For instance, selecting the Weather icon brings up the upcoming Forecast.


    In addition to the Home widgets, a variety of System Setting widgets are also available.



    Although the application had a tendency to "hang" in its early stages, the developer has made frequent improvements. In the past several months, stability has greatly increased, to the point that widgets almost never fail to work appropriately.


    I highly recommend (and have recommended) this application to anyone seeking a useful Clock Homescreen widget. The vast array of features and customization greatly outweighs any negatives left by the lack of customizable system widgets or widget bar. In my opinion, the cost of the app is well-worth the features and benefits you receive.

    Disclaimer- I am not the developer of this application, and cannot be held accountable for the advice I give. This review is based solely on my experiences, which others may not share. I am not responsible for anthing that may negatively impact your phone, your PC, your property, or your life.


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