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Been a while, got some questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BadDopey, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Ok so the last time i rooted/installed a custom rom was back when the OG Droid was released and I played with cyanogen and a couple other roms. Got a droid 4 when it was released, just rooted it today so i could uninstall some crapware. I would like to see about getting CM9 running on it whenever it comes out of beta (when will that be?) but doing so looks much more involved now than doing a simple nandroid backup/restore with the OG droid. I presume this is due to Moto trying to lock everything down. Anyways i have some questions, i think i have at least a basic understanding of what needs to be done but you guys correct me where need be.

    1. For installing a custom rom: i need to use Safestrap to make a backup, then i can use it to install a new rom to the "safe" system and my stock rom will be my "unsafe" system, correct? This is kind of like running a dual boot setup right? Also, what do i need to know about flashing a new kernel? Anything else i should know? (just point me to threads if you dont feel like explaining.)

    2. I have been using the rm command to purge crapware from /system/app and all seems to be going fine, except the NFL and VideoSurf apps do not want to go away even after i rm their apk files. Suggestions?

    3. I was following this guide on installing ubuntu, but it failed because the stock kernel does not support 'loop devices' which doesnt surprise me but if someone could tell me where/how to get such a kernel that would be cool. Also i know there is a thread here on the subject, but the ubuntu installer app also calls for a kernel supporting loop devices so i figured i would just ask first.

    Anyways looking forward to getting back into modding my phone and stuff, i will most likely have more questions as well

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