Root Before restoring a backup...


Is there anything I need to do? Any caches I need to clear or such? What happens to additional files I have on my phone now that weren't there when I created the backup?


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I'm a little OCD about it, so I just clear my cache and dalvik every time I leave the recovery. I doesn't hurt, and it's almost always needed for whatever I went into the recovery for to begin with.


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When restoring a backup you need to wipe everything that's required to change ROM's so you don't leave any residual data that will corrupt the restore. Most people either restore a backup because the one that's installed is messing up, so you don't want any of that data left behind.
The other reason is they were tying a different ROM and didn't like it.
Both reasons would require a full wipe and format boot;system;data;and cache.


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I personally recommend formatting boot, system, data, and cache before restoring a backup. Imagine an app takes up 10 data blocks with your current setup. The same app in your backup only used 8 blocks (for whatever reason). If this happens to be the last app restored from backup, then there are two residual blocks of data still hanging around, and these can bork the entire system in some circumstances.

It only takes an extra 30 seconds to format all four partitions, so why risk it, just do it. ;)


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I've never wiped anything and I've never had a problem. after reading this thread I guess I'll wipe from now on.