Root Before you root!


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I just want you guys to learn from my rooting experience before you go and do it yourself.

The whole point of rooting is (mainly) getting apps2sd, which is extremely useful. It allows you to install apps to the SD card and not the internal memory.

For me, the rooting itself worked fine, and I installed apps2sd. This put (some, not all) of my apps onto my SD card, BUT any new apps I download are installed to the phone memory still. For some people it installs to the phone memory AND the SD card. And when I say some people, I mean a LOT of people.

As of yet, try as I might, I can't seem to find a fix for this. Later on in the week I may try to reinstall apps2sd, but I don't have my hopes up.

Also, before rooting, i backed up my data. After rooting and restoring my data, some of my apps retained their user data (such as calendar and some games) whereas others were blank slates: I lost for example all of my notes from colournote.

I am experiencing connection problems with (for example) Meebo IM and beebplayer. This is something to do with the radio files I believe. Most of you (when you force permament WCDMA) should see H or 3G at the top at all times, but with a rooted phone, this icon can go away all together and you are stuck waiting for it to come back before you can use certain apps. I have read elsewhere that sometimes people can drop phone calls as a result of this. This too, affects a lot of people.

Also, when android 2.2 is launched, I have no idea whatsover if either rooting 2.2 OR installing official 2.2 will make my apps on my SD card unuseable (if installing official) or have the user data deleted (like I said it was for colournote).

Note that even if official 2.2 comes with an official apps2sd, this doesn't necessarily mean it will read the apps the same way that the current apps2sd does. If I root 2.2, this will probably mean reinstalling my phone from scratch once again; which can result in me losing data on my apps again.

On top of all that, I don't really feel like using my phone at all now because I now have to just wait for 2.2 to see what happens to my data... and this could be months away!

The alternative was to stay on 2.1, but run out of space extremely quickly....

I also rooted on Windows 7. After the whole process, my windows boot is massively corrupted and windows will not start up anymore. And yes it is definitely a result of rooting. The OS seems to have confused chaing the phone boot settings with its own... somehow! I now have to take the HDD out, put it in an extrenal enclosure, back it up, put the drive back in, install XP, reinstall apps2sd (because apaprently there are issues with win7 rooting), then install win7 again, then get all my data back from the backup, plus the usual long drawn out procedure of installing a new computer.

either way we all lose, (bar the people who seem to have rooted their phones with no problems whatsoever! but how many people that really is, i don't know)
Sounds like you've had a hell of a time with this!

My experience however has been quite different. Apps2sd is working just fine, yes, some data is going on the internal memory but as we know, this is part of the process and I have managed to install a whole load more apps than I could before. I also used windows 7 to root my phone and didn't experience any issues what so ever. I used mybackup to back up my phone and admit I did have mixed results, the first time I used it it restored all more homescreens and settings but in the process deleted several of the HTC widgets, the second time I used it I just restored my apps and there settings and set the rest of the phone up as you would on initial set up.

I've not noticed any major radio issues and I haven't installed the update files, although occasionally at work i've only picked up GPRS which is unusual as I normally get HSDPA but simply turning data off and on again has cured it, it's usually first thing when I get to work, if it's done it, I do this once and it's fine the rest of the day.

I'm not too worried about the process of installing 2.2 myself, i'll just back up the apps and my SD card contents, install 2.2 and probably format the SD card then restore the apps in the process i've had success with already. I don't think i'll have any reason to root the phone if we get all the features that are being promised in 2.2.


Are you on the Orange network? If so then the connection issues are not likely to be as a result of rooting, but due to the 3G issues Orange has been having over the past 2 weeks.

apps2sd does still use some phone memory, there is no way around this, and everyone has it like this. Did you copy over dalvik cache to the sdcard btw?

I heard beebplayer is not allowed to stream live tv anymore? Could that be the issue?

I find it really hard to believe that rooting your phone corrupted your win7, theres no way the adb commands can change your PC boot settings surely?? Especially as windows 7 is very secure, I'd have thought it would have asked you before it let anyone change its boot settings, considering it always asks you when some devices requests something as simple as a registry change.

Upgrade to 2.2 will be easy, simply backup your apps and data (most apps provide a data backup option), then run the upgrade! There will also be a rooted 2.2 version if you want to keep root, added benefit likely to be that you won't lose any data at all.


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3 mobile with an unbranded handset.

ideally i would want a rooted 2.2 for the sake of a screenshot program, but i may stick to an official 2.2 to save me future headache in 2.3 and beyond.

i know it's really weird with my win7 being corrupted, but this is the only thing that did it.

saying that, i didn't exactly exchange money for my win7, and have since installed a more up to date stable win7. no harm done long term, i just pray 2.2 has an official apps2sd so i can run away from this headache.


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beebplayer does not stream live no.

someone else posted in this forum that sometimes their H or 3g symbol just drops. This is what happens to me as well. You have to reboot the phone, switch modes, turn always on data on or off, or anything else you can think of to kick start it back to life again.


In case you root and then later find out you reconsider, can you then go back?. Because Im considering rooting my Desire simply to get all my programs stashed on my SD card and not really anything else. But if the "added" "benifit" is that my data icon and etc will dissapear then I might reconsider and not root at all.

Or alternatively root my phone, try to live with the issues I might have... if any, or revert to the standard if thats possible.?