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Beginner ==> Day 1 - Where to start ???

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by aryaxt, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. aryaxt

    aryaxt Newbie
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    I am an iphone app developer, and i want to start with android.
    Everything is different.
    For example, I need to create an instance of a socket, and have it running through the whole program? Where do i need to create this instance of socket so that it runs all the time? In iphone there was something called an "app delegate" which you can keep information and objects that you are going to be using while the app is running. such as sessionId (string) socket(Socket) username(String). So where should i create these so that they are available, and can be accessed all the time?

    How can i create multiple pages? so a login page? a new account page? a game page?
    How can i navigate between these pages?
    Is there any good tutorial online i can learn from? All i could find was useless "hello world" apps or, apps that have only 1 page.


  2. VIO

    VIO Android Enthusiast

    check out the notpad tutorial on the android site, here to see the following illustrated.

    you switch between activities (classes extending "activity") in android; each activity which may or may not have a different "view" ie layout, i.e. "be on a different page"

    in other words a button calls an activity class which may have a layout attached to it (via the onCreate() method). you share infomation across activities through Intents which can ferry info back and forth between your different activities
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  3. orangic

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  4. aryaxt

    aryaxt Newbie
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    Thanks guys that helped a lot, That link was great too

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