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Behold 2 - Error: Could samsung_bml_read fail

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sirdavid23, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. sirdavid23

    sirdavid23 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I flashed my samsung behold 2 from my windows 7, running virtual pc - win xp mode (from microsoft). I installed the samsung behold 2 drivers in XP.

    I put my phone in download mode by volume down+ok+end. I fired up Odin 4.03

    I plugged in the usb cable and selected ATTACH device on my virtual windows XP. To which the usb sound of attaching a new deviced, sounded ok.

    The port 5 gets recognized as having 1 attached device.

    Then I select my Behold2.ops on the OPS button option. Pointed to One packgae and check mark "one package" to use T939UVJE2_OEM-OnePackage-20100701.tar.md5 for flashing.

    I read on the phone, the USB device has been recognized and that I should press start to beging the flashing.

    I do it so. Wait for 3 minutes and the phone dissapears from the connection. Screen says: ERROR: could samsung_bml_read fail.

    But the counter on the COM5 (detected device port) runs till 6:12. And the log gives me this:

    <0> Create File...
    <1> StartThread Detected : 1
    <2> StartThread Detected : 0
    <3> StartThread Detected : 0
    <4> StartThread Detected : 0
    <5> StartThread Detected : 0
    <6> StartThread Detected : 0
    <7> StartThread Detected : 0
    <8> StartThread Detected : 0
    <1> setup connection...
    <1> odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    <1> START!!!
    <1> check download environment.
    <1> amss download..
    <1> 1/3 Finished.
    <1> kernel download..
    <1> 2/3 Finished.
    <1> system download..
    <1> 3/3 Finished.
    <1> reset pda..
    <0> Started Timer
    <1> Close serial port and wait until rebooting.
    <1> PASS!!!
    <0> Destroy instant..
    <0> Killed timer

    ****** My samsung does not restart. I can

  2. sirdavid23

    sirdavid23 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    When I restart I get the samsung behold II logo and at the top of the screen it says:
    samsung_bml_read: failed n

    What do I have to do from here? Please help.
  3. sirdavid23

    sirdavid23 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I tried to enter recovery mode. I push volume down, send + end call button.
    I only read "Entering recovery mode...."
    And sits there without doing anything.

    If I pull the battery and restart the phone, I get back to the above post.
    Error...at something....

    Please help me. I know I can
  4. sirdavid23

    sirdavid23 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    WOW! I left the phone charging all night long, and today it restarted!!!
    All my desktop widgets are intact!! Amazing! After all these trial - error Odins!

    So it

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