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behold 2 to cliq

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by offthecha1n, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. offthecha1n

    offthecha1n Member
    Thread Starter

    I have a behold 2 but am having tons of problems with it, though a software update may fix them, there is no date set for one yet.
    I am thinking of getting the cliq and was wondering everyones thoughts on it and if any common problems anyones i having with it?
    also I got the behold 2 mainly for the awesome camera, how is the cliqs as it doesnt have a flash?

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  2. vaio

    vaio Member

    I just traded the behold for the cliq, no regrets att ALL! The cliq is amazing to ME, I love it. I did like the FLASH on the camera of the behold, I would take a picture in the DARK and the pics would come out if it was day time. Other than the flash the cliq is way better. Behold also had an awsome battery, still testing/calibrating the cliq. Go for the cliq, you will love it!
  3. offthecha1n

    offthecha1n Member
    Thread Starter

    yea i think the flash is the only thing holding me back, im just over the touch screen texting after coming from the g1.
    i think this weekend i might swap it?
  4. vaio

    vaio Member

    Unless you live in the dark and take pictures you won't miss the flash after a while. Try it out, take it back if you don't like it. So far I love the cliq, awesome.

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