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Behold II and ADB in Linux

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Swizz, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Swizz

    Swizz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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  2. armalite_ar50

    armalite_ar50 Newbie

    WHat did you do to get it working?
    I got it working in vista thanks to board members here. and I got it as far as
    "device not found" on ubuntu jaunty. I'm guessing it's the USB driver like the wintell platform was. but I haven't tried with linux since sunday.
  3. tikiral

    tikiral Newbie

    I got mine set up on Karmic Koala. Just followed the directions for setting up the device driver on the Google Android SDK site. Spent a day and a half trying to figure out why the hell it wasn't being recognized when I finally noticed that there are TWO options you have to set to get it come up in ADB.

    First, you have to go into Application Settings > Development and turn on USB Debugging. After that, you have to go into phone information and either turn on Samsung PC Studio (Touchwiz) or turn off Mass Storage Only (Panda Home).

    Hope that saves you some time!
  4. armalite_ar50

    armalite_ar50 Newbie

    Ya I have all that on and have it working in vista thanks to the pointer to the usb drivers. I'm not seeing any ubuntu usb update when I do a
    sudo apt-get
    I am also not seeing them in the GUI update manager either. When I istalled java with sudo apt-get javasun6 it installed and toasted the netbook.
    I had to manually remove it after reboot then reboot it again. the gui updater grabbed it fine. update manager is now saying "9.10 is available. "koala"" not so sure I want to do that even if it has the USB support. Due to the fact that I don't wanna blow away my wifi. took me 3 days to get it running.

  5. tikiral

    tikiral Newbie

    Hm. I wonder if your version of Ubuntu has that much of a different set of libraries. I certainly didn't have to install anything else. Just had to set up a rules file for the Behold in the USB device subsystem, but outside of that, there wasn't any further driver setup.

    I feel for you on the updates. *nix can be a real bastard sometimes when it comes to updates hosing your system. It's probably also compounded by it being a netbook.
  6. armalite_ar50

    armalite_ar50 Newbie

    HAHAHAHhhhhhaaa cough Snort haha....
    went to borders to get the latest rag and cd... they arn't even selling jackalope nevermind koala... so I am doing the OTA install/update/ ETA another 23 hours. LOL I satarted @ noon on the 3rd of dec. and claim after this 1st upgrade it will take @ least 2 more possibly more than than that updates. again LOL and LIS....

    reason I didn't do a fresh install was they don't include USB or WIFI support. so I'll have to do the manual kernal rebuild and chmod's.
    this is if it even reboots, after the so called update... and that may be next week. since I'm working from now 'till tuesday and have to preform a magic show on sunday.

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