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Behold II root observation concerning CPU

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by armalite_ar50, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. armalite_ar50

    armalite_ar50 Newbie
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    I just had to hard boot my fone. due to the fact that it wouldn't su.
    does now with no mods by me other than a hard reset.

    before I did that I did some looking around @ the guts of it. (all I've been doing today)

    I did notice a difference in preformance as it seemed more fluid. then around 4 pm it was sluggish. that's when I plugged it in and realized I didn't have root.
    su just dropped me back to a $ and cd root output was "can't cd to root"

    I haven't made a single change to the system other than the root kit in this post.

    some of you might find this interesting......

    cat proc/cpuinfo
    with usrid $ the cpu runs @ bogoMips 319.73

    cat proc/cpuinfo
    with usrid # the cpu runs @ bogoMips 527.56

    that's a big diffrence with no mods. to the fone other than the rootkit.

    So it seems the out of the box $ id is scaled back. and the restriction is lifted when you are #
    I wonder what else they have on a chain for the average user? I'll be l@@king at the OS more, but after tonight it's going to be really busy for me untill next monday.
    On the bright side time is on our side, and a hard reset got root back!!! ;-{}

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