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BeiTa Plugin

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DannyDemonic, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. sadiezee

    sadiezee Lurker

    if you find one let us know. ✌

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  2. Gloglo

    Gloglo Lurker

  3. Snateman

    Snateman Lurker

    Mine was Smart Radio.
  4. Paul Soeder

    Paul Soeder Lurker

    Tell your friend to hit the left button to show all active apps. Look for the Beita plug in and pay attention to the picture. It will have a picture of an app, delete that app and you will be good. It happened to me.
  5. RonzoAZ

    RonzoAZ Lurker

    Mine was in an app called SmartScan, a QR scanner app. Each time the plugin hit, I would have 2 open app reminders on my S8, one showing Beita Plugin and the other showing as SmartScan. I deleted SmartScan and it stopped. Interesting though, I had downloaded SmartScan about a year ago but had never used it until the other day so this can be caused by using an app (recently) that you have never used before, not just from a new download.
  6. Peterwor

    Peterwor Lurker

    Mine seems to have embedded itself in all my TouchPal keyboard themes. I delete one and another one pops up.
  7. Fontana Villa

    Fontana Villa Lurker

    i have an lg stylo 4 and i downloaded a qr code reader and i deleted the app and was getting those ads from this and i went to apps and notifications in the settings and then went to app info and looked for the exact icon of the beita plugin and it was the qr code reader icon and it was still installed and so i pressed uninstall and so far so good if that helps any
  8. GadgetJim

    GadgetJim Member

    This issue recently started on my Note 8. I deleted SmartRadio, but the annoying ads keep popping up all the time.
  9. GadgetJim

    GadgetJim Member

    I booted into Safe Mode. Reboot .... Lost all of my important Notes ... !!! Also lost all of my Calendar Notes ... !!! WTF ... !!! ???
  10. GadgetJim

    GadgetJim Member

    Rebooted several times... got my notes and calendar back, but still have the very annoying popup ads .....
  11. GadgetJim

    GadgetJim Member

    I deleted a bunch of news apps and keyboard and font apps, but ads still popup constantly .... disrupting everything ... !!!
  12. Kati B

    Kati B Lurker

    OMG. I searched through my apps and didn't find anything called "BeiTa Plugin" or "Smart Scan", so I just started uninstalling the latest apps that I downloaded. Long story short, it was the Dora Period Tracker. The BeiTa Plugin was in THAT. Once I deleted it, it completely fixed it - no more ads!

    So, go through your phone and start deleting the most recent apps that you downloaded. It can easily be hidden in any of them!
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  13. Bill Bristow

    Bill Bristow Lurker

    I think I got rid of this pesky plugin. I went into my apps and force stopped and uninstalled my Google games, my Google movies and TV, and Google music, and it seems to have gotten rid of it. Don't know which one it was. I had even bought a new phone (LG Phoenix 4), and it was nearly unusable right out the box. So far, the new phone is ad free, and my old phone is now back working properly as I performed the same tasks on it.
  14. GadgetJim

    GadgetJim Member

    I think I found the nasty bugger ..... I can't remember what the app was though. I also did a Factory Reset, and have added only minimal apps. No more annoying random popup ads.
  15. GadgetJim

    GadgetJim Member

    This is the Nasty Bugger ... !!! I took a screenshot. The upper left is the App Icon.

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