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Bell Atrix 2.2.2 OTA update is rolling out

Discussion in 'Bell' started by dezzo, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. dezzo

    dezzo Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 26, 2011
    A software update is now available for the Bell version of the Motorola Atrix!

    - To download the update manually:
    Go to Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Update
    - I'm not sure what the size of the update file is, but I would suggest downloading it over WiFi as opposed to the Bell network so you don't exceed your data allowance and incur extra charges.
    - Ensure that your phone is at least 50% charged before attempting the update. Idealy, charge it beyond 50% to be safe.

    -- The updated version is v37.23 and brings Android Froyo up to version 2.2.2, and contains numerous updates:
    Upload Data Speed
    Increased upload speed at which data can travel on the network.

    Data and Voice Connection
    Improvements to prevent interruptions to data and voice connection.

    Improvements to prevent screen from freezing.

    Improvements to call audio function so it is easier for the person you called to hear you. Please note this application is not pre-loaded on phone, but is available for download from Android Market.

    Increased functionality by enabling Yahoo Email to be sent over a Wi-Fi connection.

    Improved International Roaming Warning Message by simplifying user notification so that it only appears on the screen when you move to a new network.

    Happening Widget
    Improved Happenings Widget to ensure that you receive the latest updates across the social networks you are connected to such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter.

    Improvements were made to incoming and outgoing call functionality to ensure a more seamless experience

    Expanded Language Support for Webtop
    Accented character support within Webtop application.

    Improved Support for POP/SMTP Email
    Support for SMTP outgoing servers that do not require authentication

    Improved Exchange Performance
    Improved Exchange Email/Calendar/Contacts performance


  2. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Jan 20, 2010
    Where the Sakura grows
    Oh boy...do you need Motoblur to get the OTA update :<
  3. jtam

    jtam New Member

    Jun 29, 2011
    Has anyone had issues with the OTA update?

    I'm finding a lot of glitches in terms of scrolling, freezing, and resolution. Specifically, it is not responsive to touch. Confirmed it is not a hardware problem. Only started to happen after I did the OTA update. Some of my system utilities, something is eating up 15-20% of the CPU resources on a constant basis.

    Foolishly followed advice to do a factory reset but then remembering that it won't revert firmware.

    If this is an OTA problem, how do I revert the firmware back to the original?


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