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Bell Mobility - S2 - ICS upgrade

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TLB2, May 4, 2012.

  1. TLB2

    TLB2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The upgrade is now available via Kies. Has anyone made the move ? Observations ?

  2. abriguy

    abriguy Lurker

    I upgraded yesterday. no problems works great. a few small changes from gingerbread to get acustomed to. :D
  3. HepC

    HepC Newbie

    Move was made... And meh. Kies was crashing on windows7 only after accepting to do the upgrade, had to use xp.

    s2 is a little more zippy. Touchwiz is still the same touchwiz so ... Most things hasnt change too much.

    Facial recognition is pretty cool, and surprizingly fast. Though google states that it is minimal security. Need to find someone that looks similar to see how rugged it is.

    I like the updated gmail app, cool features. Swipe between messages.

    Not a power user so not too sure if i am missing any other big changes. probably lots behind the scenes. Probably move to cm9 soon if touchwiz doesn't get updated. Wish the gallery got an update.
  4. TLB2

    TLB2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Would be interested in battery life ?
  5. barrettS2

    barrettS2 Newbie

    I upgraded, two days ago... my battery life is a bit better... at least just as good as GB but i think a bit better
  6. Nirvana1000

    Nirvana1000 Member

    Wow,i was just about to give up and use the developers version.Glad i waited.Now i have to flash back to stock then see if Kies will work.:afraid:
  7. arrow201

    arrow201 Member

    Mine was just stock as when i picked it up from Bell, upgraded via Kies, i didn't have
    any problems, but make sure you back up any important data, just incase. All my
    apps were still there, but in applications only. If you have many apps and want to
    put your apps back as before, take some screen shots before upgrading so you don't
    have to remember which app went where on your home screen:)
    Battery life is definitely much better for me ! :)
  8. TLB2

    TLB2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    When you say "stock", is that like a factory reset ?
  9. arrow201

    arrow201 Member

    Sorry, I mean the firmware that came with it. I didn't do
    any other gingerbread upgrading or rooting.

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