Root Bell Phone Ring Tone


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Can anyone post me a link to the Cyanogen Bell Phone .ogg please, any .ogg download site?


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Actually, I've cut some of my favourite tracks into ringtones:

Plump DJ's - System Addict
Hybrid - Finished Symphony
Bjork - Hyperballad
FSOL - Papua new Guinea

Theyre all awesome....

But yeah, classic ring is still my favourite.


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I have a friend who's SMS tone goes on for what seems like 20 seconds, I want to throw her white Samsung WTF with faux leather spangly glove against the wall.

Plump DJ lol :D

Wonder if John Lee Hooker makes ring tones?

coos lick

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A few weeks ago I flashed Mildwild. Forgot it changed the ringtone. Was at a meeting in the office, and somebody's phone goes off with this spooky tune. It goes off a couple of times over the next half hour, but nobody answers......

After the meeting I glance at my screen. 3 missed calls.



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Thats nothing. I've got Creeping Death by Metallica as my ring tone. Great when my phone goes off in a quiet queue LOL