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Benchmark: N1 vs. Droid released.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kraze0g, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. kraze0g

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    in reference to...
    The first Google Nexus One review shows up

    Source: Unwired View - Mon 04 January, 2010
    Google?s Nexus One Android smartphone is, of course, not yet officially announced, but the first review of it has already appeared on the Web. Sure enough, we?ve seen many leaked photos, videos and previews of the handset, but this is the first time when an actual review is published

    side by side comparison of benchmark show -
    GRAPHICS - N1 ~69% faster than Droid
    CPU - N1 ~68% faster than Droid
    MEMORY - ~same
    FILE SYSTEM - ~same

    also says its an incredible feel holding the device..

  2. darreno1

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    I must have missed it, but what benchmark was used for this?. The only true test, imo, is a real world test: Put the same OS on both pieces of hardware with the same apps and then benchmark each app on their respective phones. Show me some gaming framerates rather than some arbitrary number for graphics performance. Show me each phone with 5 or 6 CPU intensive apps running so I can get a real world feel for the performance.

    I also couldn't help but notice how much of an obvious iPhone fanboy the reviewer was. I bet the camera and video quality wipes the floor with the iPhone. He didn't like the camera because you had to play with the colors? Also notice how the douche refused to post side by side comparisons of the iPhone video and pics. I bet it's close to impossible to take a picture in low light on the iPhone. This is more like one guy's opinion rather than a real review.

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