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Benefits of going from Droidmod to BB or elsewhere

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sportster, May 29, 2010.

  1. Sportster

    Sportster Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ok,I'm using Droidmod and am trying to figure out why I'd want to move to something like Bugless Beast or some of the other 'much talked about' roms. I've got a very stable system. Don't have the 2.1 launcher but heard there's probs with it anyway. I have wireless wifi tethering and wired if I want it. Am using Smoked Glass theme which I really like. I dl'd some live wallpaper but they eat batt life so don't bother with em. Am OC to 800 stable,1k if I want and when it's plugged in. Have the 'pinch to zoom' browser and gallery. Just what am I missing with these other roms? I cannot see a benefit to jumping to one from this. I'm trying but it just doesn't seem worth the hassle or the risk of getting a unstable platform. Help me "see the light" here...:thinking:

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  2. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Seriously...you're gonna have to take a leap on this one. No one should be quick to tell you that you NEED to change ROMs.

    Answering honestly, I would tell you that I think the DroidMod ROM is terribly outdated, incredibly slow, and lacking any tweaks that provide you with easy ways to remove programs, change launchers, free memory, etc. I always hear about how stable DM 1.0 is and I can't dispute that but Bugless Beast lives up to its name (and it is FAST). I'm running CyanogenMod for the moment and I'll say that it is almost as fast as BB. Chevy has a good ROM, Adamz SG is decent, and there are some more out there. IMO, It currently comes down to CM or BB.

    You know how to use SPRecovery to make back-ups right? Flash one of those ROMs mentioned above and run it a day or so...you can always go back (I doubt you'll miss an update to DM :p).
  3. Jacckk

    Jacckk Newbie

    If You are happy, I say don't switch. But if you are at all, it doesn't take long to flash after backing up.,I find myself flashing a new rom about two to three times a week, not because i have not found one I like, but because of updates and curiosity.

    If You do not believe there can be anything better, then no one can sell you on flashing
  4. LoBatt

    LoBatt Android Enthusiast

    I finally switched from DM to Fab's NexBeast, which is based on BB and am glad I did. It's faster, cooler and just as stable. I was getting a lot of heat while running Navigation in my car dock, which is now gone. But the main reason is that you have nothing to lose. If you don't like it, flash your backup. That was my attitude and I've never looked back. ROM manager and clockwork make things very easy. I flashed clockwork then used ROM manager to flash to 2.1 rooted with the updated radio then downloaded NexBeast's update.zip and installed it with Clockwork. Plus, I was ready to do a full wipe and re-format the SD card anyway since I had never done it since getting the phone in November. I'm running fast and lean now.
  5. mihalich

    mihalich Android Enthusiast

    Sportster, I am in the exact same boat, been on a stable DM 1.0 from the beginning. I don't really need to switch to anything, especially now that 2.2 is so close. I'd just be switching again.

    LoBatt, I don't understand clockwork, and how that works vs sp recovery. Is there any info out there on how to switch to clockwork from sp recovery? If if I did a nandroid backup that included "recovery" does that mean if I restored that, then I would have sp recovery back and clockwork would be removed?

    The root guide only seems to deal with sprecovery.

    Nevermind, I guess I'll install ROM Manager, which seems to be able to do all this automatically.

  6. LoBatt

    LoBatt Android Enthusiast

    That's what I did. You can then do a full backup using Clockwork. I'd suggest installing the 2.1 rooted stock image first with a full wipe then try out one of the ROMS, also with a full wipe first.

    Edit: I'm running Fab's NexBeast which you can find in this forum. Download the zip file after doing the above suggestions, place it on your sd card (anywhere is fine as long as you can remember where it is) then select install rom from SD card in Rom Manager and find the zip file. There's no need to rename the file to "update.zip" with Clockwork and Rom Manager. Additional kernels are available in the NexBeast thread for overclocking. Don't forget to install SetCPU and set your profiles.

    Edit, Edit: I figured that when the goodies from 2.2 come out, we'll see them first in ROMs like BB and CM. I'll probably check out whatever Droid Mod eventually comes out with.
  7. snake_fist_gung_fu

    snake_fist_gung_fu Android Enthusiast

    I moved from DM long ago and I'm much happier. Install clockwork and it will be just as easy to flash roms.
  8. viomonk

    viomonk Member

    Installing clockwork is just as easy and fast as sprecovery was with droidmod. You download rom manager, which is the mainstream way of flashing others roms, and the first things it does is ask for SU permissions, as all root programs do, and then it flashes Clockwork recovery. The you can flash around to your hearts content.

    On a side note, i too was in your same boat, and i love the stability and smoothness of droidmod, but after tasting the beauty that is 2.1 and the speed it brings im not going back to droidmod. And if i did decide to, i still have a backup awaiting xD
  9. Sportster

    Sportster Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Tried going to BB 1.1. It didn't come with Wifi tethering like Droidmod did. The home screens half the time don't rotate right and the one homescreen didn't even show any way to get to the drawer! I didn't notice any speed difference whatsoever. On one homescreen,the live wallpaper is interactive,on the other it isn't. Just the fact of having to try to find and figure out what apps I had and then reinstalling them after wiping em all is just a major major pain. And I think I took a step back going to BB from Droidmod. Didnt' see anything that had a wow factor or something I couldn't live without. Everything I need is on Droidmod so I'm gonna stay here prob until 2.2 comes out,then I may jump to that being as how that's a official release so it's gotta be setup to work right right out of the box unlike some of these roms which have things that work sometimes and sometimes don't.
  10. mkjellgren

    mkjellgren Lurker

    Something had to have gone wrong with your bb install because not one of those issues should be happening. Try booting into clockwork recovery and wipe data, cache, and format system AT LAST TWICE to ensure a clean install then (assuming you downloaded bb from rom manager) simply install rom from sd card. If bugless beast is properly installed it is truly that...bugless. Honestly droidmod is EXTREMELY outdated. Its not even based on 2.1...you are seriously leaving a ton of performance on the table by staying with droidmod.
  11. LoBatt

    LoBatt Android Enthusiast

  12. mkjellgren

    mkjellgren Lurker

    Also, as long as the kernal you are running supports wireless tether (nearly all of them do) you can just download the apk and install it yourself. It doesn't have to be included in the rom.

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