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Best 3G phone or new, unproven 4G phone? Help!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by _travis_, May 31, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,

    This is my first post, so, hello!

    I've been out of contract for a long time now (probably a good 5 months) and am now looking to replace my current phone. I've decided that the Android game is the one to get into, but my carrier, Verizon, has quite a lot of choices that have me stumped.

    I really like the Droid X^2. I've been reading that it is basically just the Droid X on megasteroids and outperforms just about every phone on Verizon, at the moment. However, this phone is of course 3G while Verizon is rolling out 4G phone after 4G phone it seems.

    The quandary I'm facing comes down to this exactly. I have no idea whether to buy clearly the best 3G phone on the market on a the proven 3G network for much cheaper than one of the new 4G phones, or go with one of those said 4G phones knowing that 4G coverage will be available in my area mid-June. People have been telling me that the Droid X^2 blows away the new 4G phones performance wise, with the difference solely lying in the network.

    So, what do you people think? Is 4G worth the extra ~$100 on the hardware? Are there going to be some major bugs to work out on the 4G network that make a 4G phone not worth it RIGHT NOW?

    Thanks for any input. I would love to hear any recommendations.



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