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Best alternative to X10?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tenacious--M, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Tenacious--M

    Tenacious--M Member
    Thread Starter

    Seeing as we are not sure if it will release with At&t, what is the next best alternative that could be used with At&t and use their 3g network?

    Upcoming phones and existing ones please.

    : )

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  2. Tenacious--M

    Tenacious--M Member
    Thread Starter

    Anybody care to update?
  3. FireRunner

    FireRunner Member

    ATT announced they had several Google phones coming to their line, but at the moment the iPhone is the best ATT phone overall.
  4. Tenacious--M

    Tenacious--M Member
    Thread Starter

    Im not a fan of Apple , nor the iPhone. What google phones are they announcing they are getting?
  5. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    So at&t will have it after all. 199$ 2years.
  6. i am so angry at SE. not only did they delay this phone so much but it turns out that if you're a t-mobile customer, u're not getting any x10! this is according to SE's website and the lady i spoke with on the phone from SE xperia customer service line. i had about $800 stashed aside to purchase this phone unlocked. now i learn that not only will it be late but i simply cannot use it, no matter how much i am willing to pay. in fact, according to the very dissapointing mwc2010, if you are a t-mobile customer, you're pretty much left with the glitch-plagued nexus one if you wanted an android snapdragon phone...

    verizon: nexus 1, HTC incredible
    sprint: nexus 1, HTC supersonic
    europe: HTC bravo/desire, X10.
    at and t: nexus 1, X10, (in addition to iphone 4g).
    t-mobile: nexus 1....and that's it:(
  7. damnmad

    damnmad Well-Known Member

    Be upset with t-mobile :) It chooses whether it wants to buy the phone. A phone manufacturer wouldn't say no to a buyer. Or would it? Work your brain buddy.
  8. no need to be arrogant and rude....am reporting this post!
  9. damnmad

    damnmad Well-Known Member

    lmao.. Didn't mean to be rude, sorry if you got it that way. As to you reporting, well let's wait and see what the admins say :rolleyes:
  10. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Android Expert

    i know its not android, but tmo will have the hd2 too.
  11. i know, but i have two issues with the HD2:
    1-battery life is gonna suck pretty bad on that pup.
    2-how can anyone purchase winmo when the whole wrld got to see how cool series 7 is?
  12. mlinzz

    mlinzz Newbie

    MS just announced that upgrades to Windows Phone 7 Series on current Winmo 6.5X devices is and will be allowed. Being that the Hardware in the HD2 meets or beats the requirements for WP7S it's pretty likely that HTC will offer an upgrade when it is released later this year.

    So, while a lot of people might not want to jump into a WM6.5.3 handset right now, depending on the manufacturer and hardware and upgrade is likely. Also, I can guarantee that there will be a cooked rom for WP7S available for these phones long before it's officially released, thanks to XDA.
  13. lcrkz0023

    lcrkz0023 Member

    Dude dont worry, just buy the unlocked X10i version it has TMO 3G bands....the X10a is AT&T 3Gbands.....So import the X10i and use it with your Tmobile.

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