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Best Android Game for Googleplay Store !!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by hemanti2015, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. hemanti2015

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    Makers of Image Blender Fusion present Grab'n'Fly!


    ▶Control your bird, grab the diamonds and maximize your distance!
    ▶Simply tap on the screen to manoeuvre through the obstacles
    ▶Collect boosters for speeding up
    ▶Fight against the clock by collecting 50 diamonds and earning time bonus!
    ▶Defend yourself against the attacking crows
    ▶Stuck in a corner don't worry!, use the teleport to break free
    ▶Use shields to increase your survival time

    Note: -
    ▶ Users having problems with the app, please contact us on support@techbla.in and we will fix it for you .


  2. Unforgiven

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    I moved this to the App & Game Announcements forum where folks looking for new apps can find it.:)

    Developer Announcement Rules

    Good Luck with your app.:)
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