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Best Android Media Player Double Twist

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by njoker, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. njoker

    njoker Newbie
    Thread Starter

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  2. TokedUp

    TokedUp Android Enthusiast

    from the reviews i read its a better "looking" music player than the stock ones but not a better MUSIC player. :( I need more volume and less aesthetics please.
  3. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    Whats a good one for volume?
  4. dibs ODDJOB

    dibs ODDJOB Android Enthusiast

    Well I don't know what reviews you read, but here's mine: This blows the stock music app out of the water, and it has plenty of volume. I suggest everyone at least try it out, while it's still free.
  5. macdaddybuff

    macdaddybuff Android Enthusiast

    What suxs is there are no options. I want just whats on my sd card and it pulls everything some of that crap is not music lol. Needs more options. Mixzing for now.
  6. njoker

    njoker Newbie
    Thread Starter

    you mean it pulls them from your computer the music you dont want?

  7. macdaddybuff

    macdaddybuff Android Enthusiast

    What I am talking about is what is already on the phone. No way of setting a defualt location like sd/music. Like all other media players use. It just pulls all the sound off your phone and puts it in a directory.
  8. jakeh0

    jakeh0 Well-Known Member

    my coverart isnt showing up

    it does in btunes and tunewiki
  9. glap1922

    glap1922 Newbie

    I am using the app right now and it is not doing that. I just searched for some other audio files and couldn't find any of them. It could be because I have my music on an SD card and everything else is on the phone's memory?
  10. cpshaye

    cpshaye Lurker

    I need help with this (or stock or ANY media player).

    I have a lot of CD's on my card. I don't like every song, so whenever I had mine playing on "shuffle" and don't like a song, I was able to hit a "delete" option on my Storm and it would delete it off of my SD card and move on to the next song.

    I can't find a "delete" option anywhere! Will you young people help out an old woman? ;)
  11. glap1922

    glap1922 Newbie

    Mine didn't show up at first either, then I left it open for like 5 minutes and now it is working fine. I'm not sure if this is much better than the standard app, but no complaints so far.
  12. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast

    It's. Goodlooking app but it doesnt read all my music which pisses me off. Why is it not seeing the majority of my music
  13. dibs ODDJOB

    dibs ODDJOB Android Enthusiast

    EDIT: No Bug.

    I thought it was a bug that caused it to auto mount my SD card, turns out it was just a setting. A setting that overrides your main setting, which I think is confusing. Turned off.
  14. jakewill

    jakewill Member

    Good find, njoker. :) I do like the beauty of this app, as well. It is nice to have big forward/back buttons.
  15. Oddity

    Oddity Member

    Hmm for some reason I can't get DoubleTwist or the Stock music player to display my album art. I re-imported my music with the DoubleTwist player in Windows 7. Before, when I would just drag and drop my music files, the album art would show up fine. What's the issue here?
  16. Karuk

    Karuk Android Enthusiast

  17. lvlln

    lvlln Member

    The video player is kinda nice, but Meridian is the way to go for video, because it actually remembers your position when you re-open a video.

    And music-wise, I don't really see a reason for me to use anything other than the default music player. Does DoubleTwist integrate with the lock screen like the default one does?
  18. 1.) doubletwist doesn't see music on the flash memory.

    2.) The HTC player has better playlist management options.

    3.) No widget (currently--they say this is coming)

    4.) I don't use iTunes, and thus don't need the software syncing capabilities. (Well organized file/folder hierarchy for the win!)

    I tried using doubletwist all day today, and the first reply is correct: it looks nice but it isn't ready to be anything more than freeware just yet. I'll definitely keep an eye on it, however. In the meantime, back to the HTC music player.
  19. 06Stang

    06Stang Android Enthusiast

    Still can't get media players to not see ring tones and put them on the list with my music
  20. glap1922

    glap1922 Newbie

    2-4 seem reasonable, but 1 isn't correct. I have got this to work with both the internal storage and the microsd card. I did have some issues syncing at first to the microsd and had to delete the sync file on my mac, but since then I have no issues.
  21. Wiggin21

    Wiggin21 Well-Known Member

    love this app, but i've come across a problem, the doubletwist program for sycing likes to pick out random songs i have and tell me i need to upgrade them to itunes plus before syncing...

    ...when i don't buy music from itunes. just a little annoying.
  22. allen2oo3

    allen2oo3 Well-Known Member

    download astro file manager from the marketplace. using that app you can select songs to delete. there is no way (that i know of) to delete a song from the music player
  23. JE78

    JE78 Android Enthusiast

    looks nice but won't read any music on the internal memory.
  24. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    So whats the best player out there, look, feel and reliability wise? also one that works with album art properly and goes quite loud...
  25. JE78

    JE78 Android Enthusiast

    If you find one let me know. I've tried a few and I keep reverting back to HTC's player except that it won't load the damn album art.

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