Best anti theft tracking app?



I have been looking at tracking apps for my GS4. Most of them have similar features, but is there an app that has the feature of Sim Change notifications? Because if the thief changes the same most of these apps will become useless. Is there an app that will notify you of sim change and also what sim (phone number) is being used in the phone?

My last phone was stolen and i couldn't track it because the thief immediately turned it off and changed the sim.


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ok so i downloaded cerebrus. I didnt see any options related to sim, but it will really send an email or an sms (to one of the numbers provided) when the sim card changes right? with that new sim number?


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Thanks, got it to work, i guess i'll have to buy it, its a trial version, but it is worth it. Thanks again.

Yeah, it is a paid app (between $3 and $4). But before you buy it, try it out in the trial period and make sure it works for you. It does allow you to use it on other devices you own too.