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Best App/Method to Put FB Photos On Contacts

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Jethro, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Jethro

    Jethro Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 10, 2009
    Hi, I have Droid Eris and am trying to update some of my contacts with their Facebook photos. I know that there is a built-in functionality to do this, and it works fairly well, but there are two issues I'd prefer to resolve:

    A) I'm not a huge fan of the little 'F' icon on the lower corner of the photos. The photos are small enough as it is, better to be clean.

    B) I really wish there was a way to choose the crop on the photo. On a couple photos that are a bit more full-body, the person's head is cut-off. So this doesn't make the most pleasant contact photo. I know the SPB Mobile Shell app on WinMo allowed this and it worked great.

    - Any ideas???


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