Best App to backup Application'S settings?



I'm new to android for 5 weeks now. I really need and app the can save the settings/data of the applications. Most backup apps are almost fake backup app since you lose all your data. It just backup the app (apk?) but not the data that was generated using them.

I need to mention that i'm not yet willing to Root my phone. As I do need to use the garantee and support because of trouble I have with my phone (Nexus S now on 2.3.4).

I saw that Titanium BAckup seems amazing but need root...

I cna't find a thread about this. But this forum is so huge perhaps I just missed it.



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I think full applications backup (including data) is possible only with rooted phones. Titanium Backup does a great job here.

Other methods of doing backup either can't keep apps data or break Market links.


As I understand it, Google added support last year for apps to backup up their data as part of the "Back up my data" option that appears in Settings ->Privacy. However, applications have to actually utilize this support - from what I understand it is not automatically part of every app.

One would hope that eventually all app developers will implement this interface. However, that doesn't seem to have happened yet. And there may be some apps in the market for which updates aren't being provided for which this might never be done.

So the best bet for something that gets everything might still be to use one of the backup apps that requires root (e.g. Titanium or MyBackup Pro).