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Best apps for the i1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ULTRAMAN, Aug 16, 2010.


    ULTRAMAN Lurker
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    this is a list of the better apps for the i1. not in any particular order.
    please add more any if you care to share.

    SLACKER- you can cache music thru wifi for later play when not on wifi network.(free trial for 14days i believe, then one must pay to keep service)

    *PANDORA- great music app when connected to wifi otherwise keeps hesitating when on 2G network

    *IHEARTRADIO- also great app

    *XIIALIVE- massive catalog of stations

    LISTEN- you can also cache podcasts for use when not connected to wifi.

    *YOUTUBE- great app. havent tried uploading anything yet.

    FREETUBE- youtube player and youtube video downloads to SD card.


    LIVE HOLDEM- best live multiplayer poker.

    JEWELS- fun addictive puzzle game.

    AIR CONTROL- another addictive game.



    EBUDDY - this has got to be one of the best chat apps.
    works for msn, facebook, gmail, aim, icq, myspace, yahoo



    FXCAMERA- i must say i like this one because i can set it as a widget and the shutter can be the round middle button. press to focus and release to shoot. only wished it had a toggle on/off on the screen for the flash.



    COLOR NOTE- this has got to be one of the most useful apps out there. nice and simple.

    ADVANCED TASK KILLER- best out there. will help you keep battery life. a must IMO

    *WIFI ANALYZER- will connect and disconnect to wifi when needed. and great tool.


    CRAIGSPHONE-post to craigslist and upload photos from phone. just make sure you take the photos in lowest resolution.

    CRAIGSNOTIFICATIONS- cant be without this one. a must.

    PKT AUCTION- ebay shopping

    AMAZON- amazon shopping

    STOCK ALERT- not only stock, currency and commodity alerts

    NEWSPAPERS- over 66 newspapers. fast loading without wifi

    SHOPSAVVY- barcode scanner and shopper

    **items with asterisk need WIFI

    hope this helps. if anyone out there can recommend a voice navigator please reply. also please add to this list. thanks. love my i1


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  2. Nhty

    Nhty Newbie

    good list. i will be adding some. i would add mp3 download free version to the music category. i have that on my phone and i download tones of music then plug my phone into the computer to rename all the songs. I like it. I don't know know legal it is or how many viruses circulate but it works for me.
  3. myke2

    myke2 Lurker

    I would add Logmein Ignition

    It works for me with and without wifi
  4. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Member

    *iheartradio- picks up stations from around the country and maybe inernationally as well.

    */xiialite- i like it cause it allows you to search by kbps meaning you play it without wifi but it may cut out after a minute or two, but I agree best results if used with wifi

    *videobox- allows you to download and watch youtube videos from your sd card.

    *ustream viewer- allows you to watch livefeeds off of ustream

    */scanner buddy- gives you livefeeds to tons and tons of feeds from all over the world. again works without wifi but cuts off to buffer from time to time so for best results use with wifi.

    */prankdial- this app is great does exactly what the name says also works without wifi(takes along time to listen to playback of prankcall) so for best results use with wifi

    *youtube.apk- found it on several forums and it allows you to view youtube vids from android browser as long as your connected to wifi.(app not located on market)

    calender pad- comes with an awesome widget that you can use to see entire month on one mainscreen.

    yellowbook- with this you can voice search businesses and with the gps it auto locates closes places to your location and gives number, address and directions. think you may even be able to give reviews on the business.

    signals- gives you different radio communication codes. works well with scanner buddy.

    bump- allows you to share files, pics contact info with other android phones simply by tapping them together.

    tikl touch- another way to contact other android users using a sort of PTT system.
    shares contact info(phone number) with all users when contacting more then one person at a time. So might wanna make sure they know each other.

    */the weather channel- comes with some handy dandy widgets.

    advanced launcher- gives you up to 10 main screens. makes the phone so much more bad ass.

    craigsnotifications- allows you to get updates on specific things you are looking for.

    advanced task killer- It's theee essential app.

    */wifinder- seems to have a father range to search for open wifi signals

    barcode scanner- its all in the name.

    syncmypix- Lets you sync your friends facebook profile pics with your phones contact list.

    */maildroid- works better then the default exchange/imap4/pop3 mail app. IT LETS YOU PERMANENTLY DELETE MAIL!

    social media
    */facebook for android- its facebook

    */myspace mobile- i know i know who uses myspace i really dont know just havent deleted my account yet =P
    (both come with pretty decent widgets.)

    *needs wifi to work

    */ doesn't need wifi but it is recommended for best results.
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  5. Eddy120876

    Eddy120876 Android Enthusiast

    Hey guys

    Any way to improve the camera? Apps?
  6. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Member

    did you peel off the blue cover over the lens? Just saying that is what I forgot to do and when I finally did was allot better. lmao
  7. Eddy120876

    Eddy120876 Android Enthusiast

    Sarcasm on the web= failure

    I know how to work a cam what I ask was there any apps that improve the quality of the camera since they look pixalated(mind you is a 5 Meg pixel and it looks at times worse then the first iPhone :(
  8. Nhty

    Nhty Newbie

    i use fx camera to add in some style once in a while. but i dont know maybe your phone is screwed cuz i frequently get compliments on the quality of my phone pics.
  9. Eddy120876

    Eddy120876 Android Enthusiast

    naah the camera is working fine what i asking is anything app that you can use to improve the camera a bit. Also the video needs to go from 15 fps to at least 30
  10. Respect

    Respect Lurker

    The i1 is a google phone we all agree on that. but the i1 don't have youtube. And isn't youtube powered by GOOGLE.... lol. And I bet the never update the platform, it's going to be a 1.5 forever. Face it foke's , we got Screwed....
  11. Respect

    Respect Lurker

    *****Google phone the i1, you guys say youtube works. i hit play and get "WEB PAGE NOT AVAILABLE"*****And the WIFI is 40M... And PLEASE update to 2.0 or better.
  12. Respect

    Respect Lurker

    From what ive seen. you can't watch anything on youtube. i still can't
  13. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Member

    @Respect: True the phone out of the box doesn't support Youtube. First you have to download a Youtube apk.file off the interweb. Then if you have a wifi connection and the apk.file installed onto your phone. Youtube does work with the app and the webkit browser.

    look it up buddy it's a fact.
  14. Green Smoke

    Green Smoke Lurker

    Places Directory by google. Not available in the market so dont search can be scanned with a barcode. Great App to have!!! Tells where everything is numbers addresses great app
    Places Directory

    Market Apps

    Safe Neighboorhood. Identifies sex offenders near you or around the city different locations.

    Android system info. Tells everything they didnt about your phone. Everything inside the hardware software.

    Astro. Great for searching your sd card.

    If anyone remembers the Dope Wars game its there too.

    Google Sky maps. A Must have.

    GasBuddy. Self explanatory.

    Gmote. Great App. Allows you to CONTROL your computer with the phones mouse and keyboard. Explore your music libraries and stream through your phone. Great browser for internet surfing to. Only available for wifi routers.

    Music Junk. Download any mp3. Wifi.

    Google translate. text in any language. Translates also speaks.

    Itriage. Lots of useful medical info. Great app

    Mixzing. Great app to have. Maximizes your phones music player. Has a EQUALIZER(dependin on settings you make will drain your battery). Make your phone a mini radio(these chirp phones are loud. Make it louder).


    Reverse Lookup(esmobile). Look where the call came from if landline

    Wikimobile. Wikipedia app nice..better than the web on phone.

    usa tv droid. A tv guide on your phone.

    Taxi Magic. Book a taxi on your phone. No wifi needed.

    Shazam. Tells what song you are playing.


    PicSay. Very nice app for adding the extra stuff to pics.

    ringtone(a music note with scissors). great app for editing songs on your sd card to make you very own ringtone. Whatever part of the song you want.

    Robo Defense. Addictive Game.
  15. edubble79

    edubble79 Newbie

    Mint (since wells fargo app is only for 1.6 and up),
    cnet news,
    LiveHome (auto orienting homescreen with customizable icons),
    Contactos (the only contact sharing app that works/looks well on i1 unfortunately no dc field),
    NBA Gametime duh,
    TuneWiki (if you like to listen to the songs in your collection as opposed to random songs chosen by an app),
    QuickContact is great for fast contact inputs without having to enter menus,
    Picasa Tool is a breeze to use and runs smooth on the i1
    thats about it now if only I can find that free adblockerlite app
  16. Kram0724

    Kram0724 Lurker

    Youtube won't play videos on i1 I'm in wi-fi now! There isn't legit app for youtube so until you direct us to this file that we download your just gasing us up! Urban dictionary gassed up to play games, mentally, emotionally etc.
  17. civicscootin

    civicscootin Newbie

    Youtube works just fine..
    However you have to find version 1.3 (or less) as thats the only version that works with our 1.5 OS system..
    Any version above 1.3 will not work..

    Do some research before you complain that an app doesnt work~
  18. Munhoz

    Munhoz Newbie

    Text Messaging
    ChompSMS (chompSMS) - Free text messaging application with LOTS of customization options. Simple and easy to use, great alternative to the default program. It looks just like the Iphone messaging (the little balloons).

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