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General Best Apps For This Phone Would Be?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MidNight_Love, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. MidNight_Love

    MidNight_Love New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 8, 2011
    Writing & Drawing Since 1995
    Las Vegas

    Got that down, but what esle?


  2. Lilg37

    Lilg37 Well-Known Member

    Dec 9, 2010
  3. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

    Apr 6, 2011
    alriiiight... lets divvy this list into 2 main sections.. productivity and Entertainment (games, music, TV.. etc etc..)

    prodoctivitywise.. in alphabetical order
    App 2 SD FREE: I don't use it much any more but it helped transfer stuff to my SD card in a much more friendly way than the regular interface... helped free up memory easier than the clumsy interface built in
    Appinstaller: Helped me Install an App I couldn't download from Market, from Rebel.. and I got netflix working ( Netflix doesn't work anymore since they changed the program but here is hoping someone posts a fix) so is a workaround the market apps that refuse to download to the Optimus C
    Google Docs: am syncing more with my Spreadsheets.. am hoping to make my life easier @ taxtime etc by having better records.. milage...Tips I made etc by entering them as I leave a job instead of when I get home to my computer cuz I get lazy when I get home
    GasBuddy: Saves me 10 cents to a dollar everytime I fill up my car tank...nuff said
    Google Latitude: Havn't used it much but I see a day when it might come in handy
    Google voice: is helping me business wise.. It rings my cellphone.. my wifes cellphone and a magicjack line simultaneously... fewer missed calls this way...and it transfers voice messages into texts but I gotta figure out how to disable my magicjack voicemail since they changed it as of last week)
    Mobile Banking: Some banks have their own apps but mine uses this one... saves me a minute or two each day when I want to monitor my accounts rather than using the computer.
    NPR News: NPR podcasts: I love NPR.. probably not for most people that will read this list

    productvity stuff I downloaded and hoping I will like but don't seem to use yet or havn't gotten around to using much.
    Astrid Tasks: reminder program.. I feel is clumsy and will investigate alternatives sometime...suggestions anyone?
    Google Listen: audio feed
    Google shopper:
    QR Droid:
    Ringdroid: havn't used it yet but I predict I will. clip your own ringtones out of songs etc.
    Amazon Kindle:
    Kitchen Timer.. I cook.. a lot
    Instant Heart rate: If just for the 'Gee qiz Thats clever' aspect.. takes your heart rate by putting your finger over the camera. downside.. it works better for phones that have a flash that stays on. otherwise you have to hold it up to a strong preferably incandesant light or Sun.
    Talk to me (cloud): translator... translates voice into other languages and will speak to the persons other language.. etc... check it out...

    Non Games:
    Netflix.. can't use right now .. go to the rebel thread on how to download even though not working at present.. I was able to watch any streaming netflix stuff for a while.. YAH!!! (oh yeah, use wifi or go will go past your 1 gig limit and will be speed throttled I wonder???)
    Pandora TV: havn't used much.. still need to check it out more
    Redbox: can browse and reserve movies on the fly...
    Movies: (maybe under rottentomatoes i think?) interfaced with rotten tomatoes and helped me decide what movie to go to when at the theatre (or for redbox).. even let me and the Mrs. see the trailers while waiting in the ticket line...kept us from watching a real stinker
    Wii remote controller: havn't got it working yet but being able to control games on the Optimus C by using my wii remote has appeal especially for the emulators (see below) when the touch screen controller get in the way of the game to an extent.

    Multiplayer Games in no particular order (am into Mulitplayer because I like doing stuff with my kids)
    2 player ripples
    2 player reactor (actually bought the 4 player version, the only game have purchased to date)
    Glow Hockey:
    CopyCat lite:
    Pong Multi Touch:

    Single Player Games
    Angry birds Rio
    Air Control lite
    Bonzai Blast (starts slow but it grew on me)
    Pocket Legends (am still checking this one out)
    Robo Defense (exausted the free version but was fun)
    Tank hero
    Trap (a fav)

    and the most exciting games possibilitiy for the sheer volume of games possibilitywise
    Emulators... am still trying to get some of them working but DroidEmuROMGET has been instrumental in getting the ROMS...got nesoid lite and Ataroid lite working No problem but have had problems with about 7 other platforms..they include Gameboid lite, Gensoid lite, Snes9x EX, Snesoid Lite, Tiger SNES, and one I really would like to get workingUAE4droid (AMIGA!!!)

    There was another exciting port that you couldn't get from Market.. can't remember.. I want to say it was PS2???? thats were that appinstaller might come in handy (see above)
  4. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2011
    Lol PM me. And it's ps1, and yes it works. I use it all the time with a high framerate.

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