Best browser for lower tier phone


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Hey guys, I'm looking for recommendations of which browsers perform the best on a less than high performance device (HTC One V). The stock browser is ok, but it is rather jumpy when it comes to zooming and occasionally during scrolling. Is there anything less processor SoC intensive that would give a better experience on this phone?
Up until today, I was using dolphin browser on my htc g1 and it worked well, even with the outdated software/hardware. My gnex should be arriving soon though and I'll be enjoying a pure google experience going forward (with a few days in apple purgatory while I wait)


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Dolphin Mini works well (better than HD) and i tested Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Boat. seemed Dolphin Mini was fastest for some reason, especially on low tier devices. FF and Chrome were the two slowest to load and browse (on par with the horrid Stock browser)


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Opera Mini should work well for a lower spec device, but really any browser should be ok for the One V. That's a decent phone. HTC Sense running on the 1ghz processor is probably more of the problem.

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I have moved this thread into the Android Applications forum since you are discussing browser apps.

I know I really like Chrome, just because you can sync everything you do with your computer to your phone and vice versa :)


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I think chrome is great. However, I run it on a high-end phone, so that is probably part of the reason I like it so much.

I would say, if chrome doesn't work well, try dolphin mini or opera mini. Multiple people seem to be singing the praises of those.


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Opera Mini is the only way to go if you have a slow connection, or your phone sucks. It also saves on data a lot if you have a data cap to worry about.

If you want a nice 3rd party real browser Dolphin HD is great.