Android Enthusiast
Jun 9, 2013
I have used both chrome and stock and really don't notice a huge difference between the two. What is everyone's favorite browser for this phone?
FYI - Thee are two bottlenecks when it comes to browsers.

1- Internet speeds (I've done what I can for network speeds in Victorious)
2- Browser rendering (faster kernel will help a bit)

So it all comes down to rendering. Stock seems fastest, but not enough faster than Chrome or Dolphin to make it a decision factor IMHO.

If you like the extras of Chrome or Dolphin, use them. If you don't stick with stock. I like Chrome's tabs and ability to sync between all device used.
the stock works great for multimedia. if you're on a site that has an mp4 stream, in the stock browser it'll play fine. as for Chrome, I noticed Chrome always wants to download .mp4 streams. other than that. Chrome is great for everything else, especially syncing tabs/bookmarks.
Naked browser wins for speed-no contest.

Chrome has improved a lot, and I love syncing bookmarks and tabs. Unfortunately, there are frequently times that pages will stutter in chrome, but the same page opened in naked browser is totally smooth. Naked also has flash support (if you also install flash).

That's listed as incompatible for all my devices :(