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Best browser?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rocko20, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Rocko20

    Rocko20 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The stock browser is pretty subpar...what is the best one out there for download?

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  2. I'm using Dolphin HD and really like it. It didn't work well for me until I did the stage 1 speed fix though. If you don't want to do that Opera mini is nice, and fast.
  3. Chew

    Chew Android Enthusiast

    Skyfire is another suggestion.

    Personally, I'm waiting on Fennec to at least get to a beta.
  4. HX_Guy

    HX_Guy Member

    I tried them all and like xScope the best.
  5. NexuSix

    NexuSix Well-Known Member

    Agreed xScope is the best but the new Fennec version 1.9.3 is quite awesome, also!

    you can get the Fennec download here: http://goo.gl/KjZJ

    If you prefer nightly builds you can find them here: http://goo.gl/pyXH

    bonus: Fennec like xScope stores on your SD card
  6. baji

    baji Member

    I am trying Dolphin out right now, I've been using Opera Mini for a while and have had good success with it.
  7. ewingr

    ewingr Android Enthusiast

    I have tried Skyfire, and Dolphin. Seems to be that both are slower than stock. Dolphin has a really nice interface...albeit with a learning curve. But I'm about to ditch it because it seems so slow.

    I may try one of the others recommended here.
  8. naxir

    naxir Member

    I like Dolphin.
  9. Jack45

    Jack45 Android Expert

  10. ranova

    ranova Android Enthusiast

    +1 dolphin, main reason: tabs and you can use your volume buttons to scroll

    skyfire, I only use for flash content, otherwise the interface is butt ugly
  11. blazeplacid

    blazeplacid Well-Known Member

    I like opera
  12. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    I'm all about alternative/better browsers. I tried Dolphin, tried to like it... but it was quirky, slow, and gave me some issues. I'll leave it installed and keep checking it periodically as it gets updates, but 99% of the time I use the stock browser (even though it's not perfect either... the fact that when you use the [Back] button it doesn't return you to the scroll position you were on bugs me, as well as the fact that it doesn't always jump down to the #anchor point in a link).
  13. highspeed11

    highspeed11 Newbie

    Why Android don't Chrome?
  14. Sharkonwheels

    Sharkonwheels Android Enthusiast

    I use DolphinHD and Skyfire - Fennec is nice, but it keeps just like flat-out CLOSING, no FC, no warning, nada - a bit annoying, but it IS beta...

  15. DT

    DT Android Expert

    I don't really use the browser much on the phone (most of my internet activities are done via app front ends), but the "stock" browser works well. I tried Dolphin and it didn't seem much better (though I barely used it), I thought the tabs were kind of clunky. I just downloaded Opera and I like what I see so far. Figured for free, D/L, try it, decide keep/uninstall :)
  16. ranova

    ranova Android Enthusiast

    fyi, Dolphin HD will be SLOW AND LAGGY (to the point of unusability) if you do not apply the NAND speed hack to your phone (or to the application)
  17. This is true, but after, it is amazing.
  18. ewingr

    ewingr Android Enthusiast

    I'm not positive if I am thinking of the same hack, but what I looked at won't work for me because I have too many apps installed. I'm just going to have to wait for a better ROM.
  19. ranova

    ranova Android Enthusiast

    Yes, the NAND speed trick is limited to 130mb of app database space.
    However, you can just move over certain apps you use the most or that lag on stock database storage. I have over 200mb of app data, so I had to do the following (either in a terminal app or adb shell, must be rooted and have busybox installed):

    Code (Text):
    1. mkdir /dbdata/data
    2. cd /data/data
    3. for i in mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser ;  do echo $i ; busybox mv $i /dbdata/data/ ; busybox ln -s /dbdata/data/$i $i ; done
    If you want to revert this:
    Code (Text):
    1. cd /dbdata/data
    2. for i in mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser ;  do echo $i ; busybox mv $i /data/data/; done
    mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser is for Dolphin HD browser ONLY, if you want to add a different app, you have to replace the app filename location (not sure if thats the term)

    I suggest you adding the core google services and apps also. It will GREATLY speed up the main stuff, but only take a little room on the NAND.

    I have a few other examples over at xda:
    [How To] FIX APP LAG - Page 3 - xda-developers

    I suggest you move over Dolphin, Facebook, Twitter, Touchdown and the core google services (com.android.* and com.sec.android.*). You will instantly see the difference without sacrificing the main app storage space.
  20. ewingr

    ewingr Android Enthusiast

    Thanks ranova. I knew I could do that, but seemed to be getting too granular, and maybe a mess to work with if needing to reload a rom, or whatever.

    But, you may have just given me a bit of motivation :)
  21. ranova

    ranova Android Enthusiast

    its worth the copy and paste, and fully reversible. The speed difference is ridiculous.
  22. ewingr

    ewingr Android Enthusiast

    You've convinced me. I presume that long list in that link is yours. I'm going to post a question over in that thread. Its getting off topic here.

    Thanks for the info.
  23. contentryder

    contentryder Newbie

    android browser with flash 10.1 plugin apk! ...thats if you enabled apps outside marketplace with android sdk
  24. ranova

    ranova Android Enthusiast

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