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Best browser

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jerzeydevil, May 27, 2011.

  1. jerzeydevil

    jerzeydevil Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have been trying out all kinds of browsers an not sure which one to stay with. Skyfire is the only that seems to go to regular websites. Others go to mobile sites an I hate that for a few of them. Would just like to hear what people are using..

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  2. pamela55

    pamela55 Lurker

    I am new at this too but I assume when you say browser you are looking for web sites. I just use google seems to work for me. I don't know what Skyfire is.
  3. mtollin

    mtollin Member

    Check out Dolphin HD. Pretty good!
  4. mrcaptain

    mrcaptain Well-Known Member

    I was using the default browser for a wee while, then I came across dolphinhd, and it is really good. A lot faster than the default browser.
    Pamela55, a browser is something you use to browse the internet, e.g. internet explorer, firefox, safari etc. Google is a search engine, the same as yahoo.
  5. dvmwj

    dvmwj Newbie

    I currently have Opera mini web, Dolphin HD 5 beta and Firefox beta.

    Combined, they're great, but there's no single 1 that is great at everything.
  6. bazsh

    bazsh Newbie

    For ease of usage I think Chrome is good enough
    But Chrome always seem to crash a lot
    Already tried Skyfire, Firefox, Opera but not fulfilling my taste
    Just installed Dolphin HD for 3 days..still testing the browser
  7. jimjeffcoat

    jimjeffcoat Newbie

    I use the default browser mostly, but also use Dolphin and Opera Mini for certain things.

    Most notably, our online work schedule is "only" supposed to work with MS internet explorer. But I've been able to change the user agent on Dolphin to get it to work on my tablet also (although it doesn't display 100% properly).
  8. MrWareWolf

    MrWareWolf Newbie

    3/5 rating : Stock browser.. [I left it in place, until I pick a replacement..]
    4/5 rating : Dolphin for tablet (crashes too often, loses tabs on appswitch)
    3/5 rating : Dolphin HD (very best for YouTube :) )
    3/5 rating : Skyfire
    4/5 rating : Opera (crashes less than dolphin tab?)
    3/5 rating : Maxthon for 10" Tab

    Lemme know if you agree.. B)

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