Apr 26, 2010
What do poeple like? I use Dolphin HD on my android phone, but realize this is a very different device.

I have been using stock browser but think I might end up switching to Dolphin HD. I played with Firefox and Chrome and did not like either. The reason I might switch to Dolphin is the rumor about the Galaxy Tab getting Jelly Bean update this month. Thats the case we lose Adobe flash support. I am told Dolphine has native HTML5 (I think thats what its called) support which replaces flash or at least that's my understanding of it I hadnt really played around with it yet.
I have tried a few on both the tab 2 and my galaxy s2/ Used Opera for a while but a few weeks ago tried one called Boat browser. It allows full text wrap around (like Opera) which i need as i can struggle some times to read pages if i dont have my glasses with me. I prefer the bookmarks page and tabs to any others i have used. Maybe worth a shot.