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Best Buy installed invisibleshield for me and i think theres water damage!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vinnyt225, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. vinnyt225

    vinnyt225 Member
    Thread Starter

    phones about 2 weeks old. i had best buy install invisibleshield today for me i think the employee sprayed too much water and it fell down the screen! now theres some sort of warping! nooooooooo!!! what should i do!?!?! will bestbuy replace my phone!? sooooo pissed!

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  2. zeux6

    zeux6 Member

    if you could prove that the problem happened because of what they did to install the invisible shield, I see no reason why they wouldn't replace or at least fix your EVO.
  3. Flash77

    Flash77 Member

    Wow!!!!! I would take it back to them ASAP!!!!!
  4. jgalan14

    jgalan14 Android Enthusiast

    yup go back dude before they closed, they put my invisible shield(front only) cause i messed up but the back part i did
  5. yea, go back and ask to speak with a manager. Tell them how the employee put too much water, and that you saw the water leaking. Tell them you want a new phone.
  6. italianwjt

    italianwjt Well-Known Member

    Did you leave the store without saying anything??? If so im sorry to say it, but they have a defense now and can say it happened after you left the store.
  7. Syph

    Syph Newbie

    Not to defend Best Buy, but I think it may be normal for some warping to occur with the shield. That usually goes away a day or 2 after application as the water that stayed behind will evaporate.
  8. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    ....or you could get a plastic film that's static applied and guaranteed not to **** your phone up from putting it on.
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  9. vinnyt225

    vinnyt225 Member
    Thread Starter

    i called them first thing when they opened. the guy that installed the 'shield picked up. explained the story and he said to come in with the phone. they bbetter replace it!! will update after work *fingers crossed*
  10. braxx

    braxx Newbie

    What is " some sort of warping ". How can plastic warp from getting wet?
  11. mpike78

    mpike78 Newbie

    i second this comment especially with bestbuy
  12. vinnyt225

    vinnyt225 Member
    Thread Starter

    water leaked into the phone under the lcd. lcd has been flickering on and off. and some warping under the glass.
  13. liveitlive

    liveitlive Lurker

    My buddy had this happen to him in the store b/c the application solution got into a side crack on the phone and you could see it underneath the screen when they got done. Good thing they had an extra one left and just switched it out. The second EVO took just fine with pretty much the same amount of solution. BUT FYI , you have to apply like almost the full bottle of AS or it just won't stick. I tried to put a little bit on mine b/c I didn't want the same thing to happen to me (they didn't have anymore Evo's left either) and it didn't stick at all so I had to get another one and apply ALOT more and let it absorb and remove the bubbles for at least 24 hrs and everything turned out good. But it was pretty funny when it happen to him. You should have seen the look on his face! :eek: PRICELESS.
  14. SOHurley

    SOHurley Newbie

    Best Buy damaged my iPhone with water damage.

    Source: I used to work for Geek Squad. I had to lie for them.
  15. JohnNJ

    JohnNJ Lurker

    The same thing happened to me at their Riverdale, NJ store during their grand opening weekend. Luckily the Sprint rep noticed it before I left the store and they gave me a new one.
  16. airdog

    airdog Member

    Why even put an invisibleshield on this great looking EVO screen?

    The capacitive screen on the EVO is extremly hard to scratch and really doesn't need a screen protector.

    Phones like the LG Dare, HTC Touch Diamond/Pro have Resistive Touch screens that are comprised of several layers. The top layer, usually a clear polyester film, is flexible. When a finger presses down, the top layer comes in contact with a lower glass layer.

    The downsides to resistive screens include less-than-perfect transparency, scratch-prone surfaces and components that wear out and break over time.

    Capacitive touchscreens on theHTC Evo 4G, Apple
  18. backdown

    backdown Android Enthusiast

    I never used a screen protector, besides my instinct when i first got it. I am the kind of person that will keep their phone in a pocket all by itself. Was playing with my Evo yesterday and i noticed a scratch on the bottom by the menu button. Whenever i get my phone replaced, im going to buy some sort of screen protector.
  19. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Android Expert

    Though your answer is thorough and well-presented, you're incorrect on a number of points. First, there is no limitation on screen materials on capacitive touchscreen designs. The Palm Pre had a capacitive digitizer but a plastic screen.

    Second, glass is not scratch-proof, but only quite scratch resistant. Though common things like soft metals, low to mid grade stainless steel, plastic will not scratch glass there are plenty of things hard enough to scratch glass (glass typically has a Mohrs hardness of 7ish out of 10 if my memory serves me correct). High grade stainless steel and sand (hard silicas) will more than easily scratch the Evo screen.

    The bottom line is that iPhones, Evos, Droids -- phones with glass (and even the vaunted Gorilla glass) have been scratched. If you go without a screen protector, you are making a gamble. Plain and simple.
  20. vinnyt225

    vinnyt225 Member
    Thread Starter

    f** this!! alright so i went to best buy to see what they can do. can he said he was gonna ship it for repair!! and id have to wait approx 25 days! dammit! and give me a loaner phone in the mean time. i mean he caused this damage. man if i had noticed it when leaving the store! cuz u have to let it dry for a couple hours and what not. and i have to go back today and sign some papers and then they would take the phone. seems so unfair... like i feel i should deserve another EVO on the spot since its something i didnt do. should i say something about to him like how i should get a new phone right away. cuzs i dont think the phone can be fixed! WTH!

  21. Did you talk to the phone people or to a manager? If you talk to a manager, tell him you are NOT satisfied with that, and want the number to his District Manager. Tell him you need THIS phone, thats why you bought it obviously. Tell him you cannot wait a month to get it back. There is a 30 day return policy anyway, so if he doesnt budge, return it and then buy from somewhere else.
  22. rudygetz

    rudygetz Lurker

    That sucks for you man. Same thing happened to me, in BestBuy.

    As soon as the guy was done I pointed and said "WTF is happening to my screen?!"

    He replied "Shit!" and grabbed me another new phone and swapped it out then and there.
  23. vinnyt225

    vinnyt225 Member
    Thread Starter

    i think i willl say something like this. i just regret not taking a look at the screen after he applied it. im gonna be like i need this phone now! so heated...
  24. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Android Expert

    How can you possibly ask this?
  25. vinnyt225

    vinnyt225 Member
    Thread Starter

    haha silly of me. idk just freaking out atm. ima gonna see if i can get a full refund on the invisibleshield at best buy and go to a mall cart where they'll prob do it better

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