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Best Buy Online shipping time?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by haseltonk, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. haseltonk

    haseltonk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just upgraded to the Hero earlier this week when Best Buy had the $69.99 special for current Sprint customers. I ordered online and it sounded like they normally ship the phone out within 24 hours but the website says it is still pending Sprints approval before they can ship it out. I chatted with BB but the rep wasn't a whole lot of help on why the delay.Has anyone else bought through their online channel? What was the delay before they got it out to you? It's been over 48hrs for me at this point...Anxious to get the new phone...Thanks, Keith

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  2. KoG

    KoG Newbie

    I went this route. It took less then 24 hrs for Sprint to approve me. Then the phone was set to ship, pending a "Quality Inspection". It got to me in about 3 days after the fact.
  3. Greent4

    Greent4 Lurker

    Same here haseltonk
    i ordered mine onine from bb on monday
    call the rep and he told me the phone was high in demand and to wait a little longer
    idk its weird that they didnt me the money i spent on the phone even though i never even cancelled.
    i guess ill wait till monday..
  4. haseltonk

    haseltonk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I ended up calling and talking to some woman who put me on hold and was able to get it approved on the spot. This was about 2.5 days after I had ordered. If you don't have an approval yet I would call and see if they can do the same for you. Once it was approved by Sprint I had a tracking number for the shipment w/in a couple of hours. Was shipped on Thurs with an ETA for delivery of Monday. Not too bad on if you only look at the time from when BB got confirmation of the approval.
  5. busboy789

    busboy789 Lurker

    I ordered on Monday. It didn't ship until Friday. At one point there was an out of stock message on the whereismyorder site. Anyway, fedex tracking says in my hands Monday. My cc wasn't billed until it shipped on Friday.
  6. Greent4

    Greent4 Lurker

    yea my credit was approved days ago...
    and its been processing for a while now (2 days actually)
    im thinking about callin them and seeing if i can get my phone shipped already..
    my card hasnt been charged yet

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