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Best Buy Posts Optimus V Online - Bundle Now Available

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TVCCS, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. TVCCS

    TVCCS Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Best Buy is preparing to sell the Optimus V, adding a page for it this morning, but yet to show any stock online or in stores.

    Best Buy Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V

    The item number for the Optimus V some have been waiting for at Best Buy is 1879739.

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  2. TVCCS

    TVCCS Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Here's an odd one tonight...I saw mid-week a local BestBuy store with a whole rack full of V's out on display. Was in a second store yesterday and saw the rack card, but no phones. Tonight I notice the phone isn't available in stores, period, per the BB Web site, but can only be ordered online. Weird, indeed.
  3. TVCCS

    TVCCS Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Best Buy is now offering a bundle deal for the V with a car charger, screen protector and $25 airtime card for $167.97.

    I should add that although BB is not listing the V for sale in stores, local stores may in fact have inventory if you call and give them the SKU of 1879739. If so, they may honor the bundle price as well, but you'll have to ask, and I'd have a copy of the BB Web page with me. The SKU for the bundle is 9999149900050002.

    LG Optimus V No-Contract Phone, Charger, Screen Protector & Airtime Card Package
  4. GWDavis28

    GWDavis28 Newbie

    I got mine from RadioShack online, used a $10 off coupon and got it shipped for free with sales tax included for $148.

    Glenn |B)
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  5. chrissurra

    chrissurra Member

    Got mine at Target with the 25 top up card for 180 tax included.
  6. j1232

    j1232 Well-Known Member

    TRUE! I work at one in NYC and we have had it for some time even though the website said we did not have them. I even got mine 5 days before it was for sale online. :D
  7. TVCCS

    TVCCS Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    And as of tonight said bundle is on backorder...and the price went up $20.
  8. imanjunk1963

    imanjunk1963 Newbie

    yep got mine from RS too with that coupon some 2 weeks ago. All is good.
  9. imanjunk1963

    imanjunk1963 Newbie

    Yep was researching BB two weeks ago, local stores said they would not carry it but then it showed up online. Originally when it first showed up online it said IN STORE ONLY. They had it all screwed up but they probably don't want it to compete with the intercept that they do sell in store. Bought mine at RS delivered to my house free at 139 plus tax. Found an online coupon for 10 bucks.
  10. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Android Expert

    Why would you want a protector that "enhances grip".

    I have one, yes it increases grip, and it's a problem, your finger doesn't slide smooth.
    It's a good protector (self healing), but not for a touch screen.
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  11. johnn1jm

    johnn1jm Newbie

    It's in today's Sunday flier.
  12. TVCCS

    TVCCS Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yes, the phone is $129.99, the bundle $167.97.
  13. Andy1262

    Andy1262 Lurker

    Thanks. I was able to find the bundle Sunday. The DC store had 3 phones. I couldn't find one at all in the MD stores. It took me 1 hour to change from Verizon to VM and save money.

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